Woman killed in obvious Toronto-house machete attack, suspect in custody


A woman in her 30s has died after an apparent machete attack in the Toronto area of Scarborough on Thursday, police confirm.

Earlier, Toronto police tweeted that a man was seen running around with a machete in the Morrish and Ellesmere roads area.

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Woman killed in apparent Toronto-area machete attack, suspect in custody

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He reportedly struck a woman who lived in the area several times in the driveway of a home and then fled in a silver car.

The victim’s injuries were initially described as “very serious” but in an update police said she was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Woman killed in apparent Toronto-area machete attack, suspect in custody

Neighbours described hearing “gruesome screams” during the attack.

“What would make you so mad that you would do something like that?” one person said.

Insp. Stacey Davis said the victim and suspect are known to each other and that they had a “previous domestic relationship.”

The suspect, also in his 30s, drove to a nearby police station and turned himself in shortly after the incident. There are no other suspects being sought and no further danger to the public.

The homicide unit has been called in to investigate.

-With files from Carl Hanstke