What’s the average retaining of top rate Bond millionaires in 2019?


Who wants to be a Premium Bond millionaire: The average £1M jackpot winner in 2019 held £36,000 worth of bonds with NSI

  • The last two 2019 winners of the £1million jackpot were announced today
  • Both had big holdings, one held £36,000 and the other the maximum £50,000
  • In total, seven of this year’s 24 millionaires held £50,000 in Premium Bonds 
  • Two Premium Bond millionaires did win with small holdings of just £4,000

The 24 lucky winners of the Premium Bond £1million jackpot in the last 12 months held an average of £35,957 each in the popular National Savings and Investment product, data shows. 

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What is the average holding of Premium Bond millionaires in 2019?

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But two extremely lucky winners this year defied the odds to scoop the £1million jackpot with holdings of about £4,000. 

With the final two Premium Bond winners of 2019 announced today, This is Money crunched the numbers of the holdings of everyone who has received a visit from Agent Million in 2019.

What is the average holding of Premium Bond millionaires in 2019?

The average was pushed up by the fact seven winners, including one of this month’s winners from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight area, have the maximum holding of £50,000.

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Meanwhile, this month’s other winner from Stockport was close to bang on the average holding – he has exactly £36,000 worth of bonds.

The vast majority of the jackpot winners – in which there are two £1million prizes up for grabs each month – held at least £30,000 in Premium Bonds.

This is unsurprising as the greater the holding, the better the chance of winning the top prize. 

The odds of any individual £1 Bond winning the £1million jackpot is 40.33billion to one.

However, those with smaller holdings shouldn’t necessarily despair, as two of this year’s winners held relatively smaller amounts. 

In October, an Essex winner received a visit from Agent Million holding £4,000 in Premium Bonds, while in June someone from Kent won with a holding of £4,210.

That means the winner from Essex defied odds of just over 10million to one to clinch the prize.

In contrast, someone with the full £50,000 holding would have odds of 806,600 to one, which is still a long shot, but a slightly less uphill task.

Premium Bonds Winners

Value of bond
Hampshire and Isle of Wight
West Yorkshire
Hampshire and Isle of Wight
Tyne and Wear
Inner London

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Do newer bonds win more prizes?

Given that in a previous ask an expert in June this year we addressed the issue of whether newer Bonds have a better chance of winning, it’s also worth seeing how old the Bonds of 2019’s winners are.

We worked out that in the first third of 2019, 79 per cent of Premium Bond prizes of £10,000 or more were awarded to the numbers of Bonds bought since the turn of this decade. 

How the odds change

Chances of winning £1m any given month with:

£100 – 1 in 418,376,082

£1,000 – 1 in 41,818,782

£5,000 – 1 in 8,360,771

£10,000 – 1 in 4,181,142

£36,000 – 1 in 1,159,986

£50,000 –  1 in 835,039

NSI told us this is because 76.7 per cent of all Premium Bonds have been purchased between 2010 and 2019.

When it comes to Premium Bond millionaires, just one winner, the one from Essex with a £4,000 holding, won with Bonds purchased before 2000.

A quarter of the 24 winners won with Bonds bought between 2000 and 2010, meaning that 71 per cent of the winning Bonds were purchased more recently than 2010.

That’s still an overwhelming number, but is actually slightly below the proportion of all Bonds held which are new.

Including this month’s two millionaires, 3.44million prizes were handed out this December by NSI’s Premium Bond number generator Ernie, worth a total of £98.4million.

There were 84.3billion Premium Bonds eligible for the draw and they are Britain’s best-loved savings product, with more than 22million people holding them.

However, some savers who were winners last month were left unable to cash their prizes because banks mistakenly thought they were duplicates.

NSI mistakenly sent out more than £600,000 worth of prizes in November, with 25,000 duplicate prizes sent in error. 

The blunder meant valid cheques were being rejected by banks, because they thought they were the copies.

This month, six bondholders did actually win £100,000, 11 £50,000, 24 £25,000, and 59 £10,000. 


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