Watch Howard Stern speak treatment, Feuds With invoice Maher on 'Real Time'


Howard Stern talked therapy, relationships, old age and his recent book in a wide-ranging interview Friday on .

“This is so rushed. I should really have the whole hour to myself,” the shock jock quipped midway through the 20-minute interview, which at that point had already touched on legal marijuana in Los Angeles, the benefits of Metamucil, their collective lack of Emmys, satellite radio and Howard Stern Comes Again, a collection of Stern’s favorite interviews.

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Watch Howard Stern Talk Therapy, Feuds With Bill Maher on 'Real Time'

About Therapy,

At one point during the interview, the interviewee became the interviewer when Stern started pressing Maher on his lack of serious relationships. “You’re taking over my show,” Maher said.

The conversation then turned to therapy, which Stern, a 25-year patient, writes about in his book. “Therapy changed me life,” Stern said of his quarter-century in therapy, which Maher noted is “a scam.”

Watch Howard Stern Talk Therapy, Feuds With Bill Maher on 'Real Time'

“It made me a better father, made me a better human being,” Stern responded.

Maher asked, “When are you cured?”

“I’m talking mental health,” Stern added.

Maher and Stern then briefly discussed their long-running feud, which ended earlier this year when the Real Time host appeared on the Howard Stern Show.

“You know one of the great things about being this age, even though we are older – and the bad thing is, we’ll be dead sooner – the fact that, when we were young, so many feuds, so many fights,” Maher said. “When you get to this age, it all seems stupid, and it’s all about forgiveness and making up.”

“And that’s why therapy is a good thing,” Stern said.

The two hosts then talked about the differences between broadcasting on satellite radio and HBO.

“You get away with shit that I can’t get away with, and that always pisses me off,” Maher added. “You don’t have a politically correct audience; this is a good audience, but sometimes I have to fight my way through that shit.”

Stern said, “From one broadcaster to another, I have to tell you it is very liberating. I’m not sitting there being monitored. It’s my own fantasy.”

Stern’s Real Time interview concluded the Sirius XM host’s Los Angeles trip, a visit that included a stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live.