December 9, 2022

Vicious Robbie Lawlor Had €200k bounty on head from mob run Through

On Head From Mob Run Through

Crazed hitman Robbie Lawlor, 35, was shot in the head in the entrance backyard of a home in the Etna pressure area of Ardoyne, in north Belfast, at around eleven.50am.


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Vicious Robbie Lawlor had a €200k bounty on the head from mob-run with the aid of

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Robbie or Robby is a given name as well as a surname. It’s regularly encountered as a nickname or a shortened type of Robert, Robin, or Rob The identify experienced a significant upward push in recognition in Northern Ireland in 2003.

Robbie Lawlor was once blasted to death in the backyard of a Belfast house


The crazed hitman had been in hiding, considering Keane Mulready-Woods’ slaying


Vicious Robbie Lawlor had a €200k bounty on their head from mob-run through …

The Dublin gangster’s remains are far away from the scene

Lawlor — who had a significant €200,000 bounty on his head from the mob run by way of ‘Mr giant’ — had been in hiding since the Mulready-Woods slaying in January.

The Irish solar can expose it’s understood Lawlor contacted a north Belfast drug seller he was journeying North on Monday to assemble cash for a medication shipment.

But when Lawlor became hectic money, the northern-based vendor blasted him within the head.

The suspected killer is now in hiding as the PSNI hunts him.

As a part of their probe, they also searched the property of a person linked to the suspected killer.

Detectives are additionally looking to establish if Lawlor had been staying in north Belfast recently as he attempted to maintain one step beforehand of the gardai.

DOUBLE CROSSED possibility

And they haven’t ruled out the possibility that he was once double-crossed and murdered due to the massive price on his head.

Three males — including one from Limerick and two from Dublin — have been later arrested through the PSNI as part of the probe.

A PSNI spokesman established three men were arrested and delivered: “they have been taken to Musgrave Police Station, the place they’re at present being questioned.”

Following the capture, Lawlor was named on various social media structures because of the sufferer.

We can disclose this resulted in his concerned family members contacting gardai in Drogheda.

Officers in Drogheda then contacted Garda HQ, who had been working intently with the PSNI.


Locals in the Laytown house additionally told how a feminine relative traveled to the North to lend a hand and identify his continued be.

A supply said: “He was once probably the most brutal and ruthless gangland figure in recent occasions.

“Lawlor was a complete and utter psychopath, and that’s not an exaggeration. He had no regard for human existence, and an excessive instance of his violence was the murder of Keane Mulready-Woods.

“He has a variety of blood on his arms over the years and had made enemies in every single place here.

“Lawlor was once additionally focused on various feuds over the years and is undoubtedly one of the most depraved gangsters gardai have ever encountered — he was once terrifying.”

Since the brutal murder of Mulready-Woods, Lawlor had remained in hiding.


It’s understood he had been staying in secure properties in the capital and Co Meath since the teen’s homicide.

He emerged as a primary suspect in that slaying. As a result, he once struggled with the Drogheda gangs run by way of associates of Owen Maguire and infamous criminal Cornelius value.

Dad-of-three Lawlor used to be cleared of threatening to homicide his ex-female friend’s partner and had different assault charges; therefore, he dropped in opposition to him in December.

A nationwide alert used to be despatched round to Garda stations upon his free from jail.

The thug knew he used to be in danger and had been residing under the radar, no longer returning to his dwelling in Laytown, Co Meath.

Within the following weeks, he was issued a Garda Information Message, informing him his life was below possibility.

BRO-IN-regulation FEUD sufferer

The Irish solar may additionally disclose the Drogheda feud’s 2nd sufferer, Richard Carberry is Lawlor’s brother-in-law.

We will additionally tell how a video emerged last evening of price — which continues to be in hiding — toasting the death of his enemy.

Videos also emerged of locals in Coolock celebrating his homicide.

A local informed us: “Robbie Lawlor was once hated in this space because he was so evil. He would have had no drawback torturing younger lads for as small debt as €20. There’ll be various aid now he’s off the streets.”


Cornelius price raises a glass after hearing about the homicide


Hood…Lawlor at court final year credit: Collins photograph company

Lawlor’s murder has also given a higher hand to enemies within the Drogheda feud.

His two close mates in that feud stayed in Spain and were paying Lawlor to proceed with the feud.

He had taunted his enemies by leaving flip-flops in a sports bag containing Keane’s physique elements.

This was about a social media video during which Lawlor was attacked and his health club bag stolen. However, he used to be also a goal for the Maguire and price faction after he was once accused of blasting Maguire six instances in July 2018.

Maguire survived the hit but used to be left paralyzed, along with his gang vowing revenge. Lawlor was also recorded on social media taunting Maguire about his injuries.


Earlier than the murder bid on Maguire, Lawlor was once additionally the executive suspect in the killing of Mr large’s hitman Kenneth Finn in February 2018.

He’s additionally the primary suspect in the killing of Noel Deans in 2010 and David Fred Lynch in 2009. close pals of Lynch had additionally vowed revenge — and had taunted him on social media just lately.

However, other examples of Lawlor’s violence embody him killing a dog in a force-through hit and making a recording of him torturing a person who owed a drug debt.

He was a tremendous goal for gardai in Coolock, Drogheda, and likewise for the Garda national medicine and Organised Crime Bureau.

Talking about the previous day’s killing, Det Superintendent Jason Murphy mentioned: “This used to be a brutal killing and that I consider the man has once shot a variety of instances at shut range.

“I am astounded through the recklessness of the killer or killers. No longer simplest did they convey this callous homicide leaving a household experiencing their worst nightmare. However, they did not care that the children and different contributors of this north Belfast neighborhood were at risk.

“Murder is a heinous crime, and killing any person during this global Coronavirus pandemic is sickening. People are trying to modify to living a brand new approach and trying to cope with the drive this brings.

“these concerned about this homicide selfishly gave no concept to the influence on frontline emergency services, which are already working arduous to keep people secure with an already stretched helpful resource.

“I have launched a homicide investigation, and, whereas it is too early to speculate on the intent for the murder, I will ascertain I am following quite a few traces of inquiry regarding the investigation.”

car found

A light-colored automobile, registration YLZ 7052, was burned out in nearby Kingston court.

Police are trying to set up if the killers once utilized the auto.

Investigating officers wish to hear from any individual who saw the car and its occupants either sooner than 11.50 am in the Etna pressure space or after the murder had taken position.

Police are also hunting for details about a dismal-colored automobile seen in Ardoyne Avenue minutes after the car had been set on hearth.

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Mr. Murphy brought: “I know the community is in shock in the interim, but I would attraction to somebody who has information about this appalling murder to deliver that information to the police so that we can put off this evil gunman and his buddies from the streets.

“I’m aware the realm used to be busy with pedestrians and people out of their entrance gardens — so I ask any individual who will have captured any photos of the incident to delight make that on hand to us.”


A burnt-out car is examined by a cop


The shooting passed off on Etna DriveCredit: PA: Press association

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