Tulsi to Joe Rogan – Democratic Debates Are 'Political truth tv …


Democratic Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard took a shot on the media’s utilization of the Democratic debates and compared the debates to “political reality tv” on a podcast Tuesday.

Gabbard spoke on “The Joe Rogan experience” with Rogan and Jocko Willink and discussed attacks from her fellow candidates, her presidential bid and her ideas on the debates. Gabbard called the layout of the debates “irritating.”

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Tulsi to Joe Rogan: Democratic Debates Are 'Political truth tv …

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“You’ve received 60 to seventy five seconds to get your level across, to speak about hello here’s my place, here’s what i would do with North Korea, right here’s what i’d maintain immigration reform in 60 seconds or less,” Gabbard instructed Rogan.

The 2020 presidential candidate laughed with Rogan as they mentioned a money-driven nature of the debates, which intersperses advertisements between weighty presidential discussions.

Tulsi to Joe Rogan: Democratic Debates Are 'Political fact tv …

“people are getting actually turned off via it,” Gabbard mentioned. “they have possible choices. They’re not getting anything else of worth from the dialog that’s going down on these debates which might be in point of fact like political truth television. they are completely arrange for struggle and confrontation to drive up rankings so … the company media can make more cash.”

The Hawaii representative bashed the debates because the media’s “cash-pushed, ratings-pushed undertaking” and pointed out that while the first 2020 debate had about 22 million viewers, the most latest Democratic debate had roughly 6.6 million viewers.

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