Tom Brady and Titans coach Mike Vrabel interact in some pleasant trash speak all over joint observe


Tom Brady and Mike Vrabel may no longer be teammates but they certainly aren’t afraid to tease one another and have a good time from opposite sides of the field. 

On Wednesday, the Patriots and Titans kicked off a couple days of joint practices ahead of their preseason game on Saturday, and it reunited Brady with Vrabel, a former New England linebacker who now serves as head coach of the Titans. The pair won three Super Bowls together with the Patriots, with Vrabel catching a touchdown from Brady in New England’s win over the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX.

About Titans
The Titans (Greek: Τιτάν, Titán, plural: Τiτᾶνες, Titânes) and Titanesses (or Titanides; Greek: Τιτανίς, Titanís, plural: Τιτανίδες, Titanídes) are a race of deities originally worshiped as part of Ancient Greek religion. They were often considered to be the second generation of divine beings, succeeding the primordial deities and preceding the Olympians, but also included certain descendants of the second generation. The Titans include the first twelve children of Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus (Father Sky), who ruled during the legendary Golden Age, and also comprised the first pantheon of Greek deities.

Tom Brady and Titans coach Mike Vrabel engage in some friendly trash talk during joint practice

About Vrabel
Vrabel is a Czech and Slovak surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Mike Vrabel (born 1975), retired American football player in the National Football League
Stephen Allan Vrabel (1956–2004), American murderer
Tanja Vrabel (born 1990), Slovenian footballer

That didn’t stop a little trash talk from taking place as Brady took the field on Wednesday. As the 42-year-old Patriots quarterback arrived on scene with his pads in-hand, Vrabel gave him a hard time for a lack of urgency as he walked onto the field. 

You can hear the exchange a bit more clearly from another angle and it includes some NSFW language. As Vrabel chirps Brady for his casual stroll, the veteran QB smiles before returning fire with a “why don’t you pay attention to your own s**t?” 

Tom Brady and Titans coach Mike Vrabel engage in some friendly trash talk during joint practice

That’s certainly a fun little way to kick off a handful of days in Nashville, and it sounds like it wasn’t the end of the fun between the two former teammates. After practice, Vrabel spoke to the media and revealed that Brady was quite talkative during the session, with the QB not shy to point out some areas of the Titans’ game that need improvement.

Vrabel just so happened to turn 45 years old on Wednesday, and the coaching advice from Brady probably wasn’t what he had in mind for a birthday gift. That being said, Bill Belichick made sure that this year’s crop of Patriots rookies celebrated with the opposing coach.

The Patriots and Titans still have one more joint practice in store before they hit the field for their game this weekend, so there’s still time for both sides to come out on top in the war of chirps.

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