March 27, 2023

Tim Benz – Airing Of Grievances Even After Steelers' Win Over Browns

Tim Benz – Airing Of Grievances Even After Steelers’ Win Over Browns

Positive. Pittsburgh loves the “Duck.”

Almost as much because it loves beating Cleveland.

About Airing

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Tim Benz: Airing of grievances even after Steelers’ win over Browns

About grievances

A grievance (from Latin gravis, meaning ‘heavy’) is a mistaken or trouble suffered, real or supposed, which varieties authentic grounds of grievance. Up to now, the word has intended the infliction or cause of the problem.

And it was lovely this time around.

However, that 20-13 victory over the Browns Sunday at Heinz container wasn’t good.

Tim Benz: Airing of grievances even after Steelers’ win over Browns

A long way from it. Here’s a look at some things the Steelers can do higher over the past four weeks of the season as they are trying to make the playoffs in our weekly “Airing of Grievances.”

The first 23 minutes

Did they happen? Did they occur? Does the Steelers offense be aware of the sport has started?

That wasn’t good.

Halfway through the 2d quarter, the Steelers were trailing 10-zero. They held the ball for all 4 minutes and forty-eight seconds. They totaled the handiest eight offensive snaps in that time.

After that opening stretch, the Steelers had been the much better staff. Nevertheless, it was once a dreadful beginning, quickly blamed on a very conservative recreation plan.

One major issue for the Steelers is that these bad begins have transformed a development.

No longer good.

Don’t let the “D” off the hook.

The security didn’t precisely begin fast both.

It allowed the Browns to own the ball for 11:41 of the first quarter. The primary drive for Cleveland went for thirteen performances, sixty-two yards, and a box purpose.

Their third power went for a touchdown after 70 yards on ten performances in 5:42.

And there was spotty tackling along the best way through both series.

Daffy “Duck”

Here’s an unhealthy dependency Devlin Hodges wants to interrupt if he is going to proceed because of the Steelers quarterback.

Duck desires to stop throwing the ball away on 1/3 downs when the Steelers are looking to drain the clock.

He did it on a 3rd down late within the sport, close to the end zone in Cincinnati remaining Sunday. And he did it once more on the first snap after Sunday’s two-minute warning.

Hodges had nothing open on a 3rd-and-6 from his own forty-seven. He scrambled, looking for a possibility and in the end, simply threw the ball away.

Hodges must’ve just taken a sack. Cleveland was once out of timeouts. The clock would have persevered to run. And it could’ve helped Jordan Berry punt the ball throughout the 10-yard line. Instead, his punt becomes a touchback.

In both weeks, the worst factor for Hodges to do — in need of a turnover — used to throw an incompletion. Yet, that’s what he did.

I see why the coaches have been seeking to get yards and keep possession in both cases. But when they may be unable to believe Hodges to do the sensible factor at the moment, they must put off the option and have him hand the ball to working again.

When will they learn?

The Steelers had been busted for six false begins.

In one sport.

Just one was on an offensive lineman (Matt Feiler). The other five have been unfolding amongst receivers James Washington and Diontae Johnson, tight end Vance McDonald (twice), and even Hodges at quarterback (more later).

That’s almost unimaginable to do.

The Steelers had ten penalties whistled against them Sunday. They have got averaged 9.75 per game over the past four weeks. That charge must drop.


Sound acquainted?

On the subject of officiating, it was hazardous on Sunday.

As universal.

I’ve never seen so many conferences to get so many things fallacious.

Some of that was once because of the replay sales space. The remaining was once in the sector.

That before now talked about false begin on Hodges was a joke.

Yeah. He twitched a bit on the arduous depend. However, not way more than any quarterback does in that scenario.

And if a crew is going to call that penalty, I can’t believe it neglected a blatant hang of T.J. Watt on the third down of an ensuing possession.

Luckily, that didn’t turn out burning the Steelers. by hook or crook on Cleveland’s ultimate offensive sequence; this one didn’t hurt the staff either.

It may well be, though.

Quickly after that, Joe Haden received a recreation-ending interception. But how that penalty was once deemed roughing the passer is beyond me. It was a fraction of a second after Baker Mayfield launched the ball, and he wasn’t contacted illegally anywhere on his body.

Others were mad about Cleveland downing a punt on the one-yard line and an incompletion that used to be ruled to be a seize by way of Jarvis Landry. I’m no longer. These calls were shut, 50-50 decisions.

Those three I highlighted were a farce.

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