The Breakdown – Eisenberg's thoughts on Ravens vs. Packers


In the end, the first-team offense generated two field goals on two possessions with Jackson under center – not bad, not awesome. The coaches won’t be happy that a penalty negated a touchdown, but overall, I don’t think they’ll be displeased at all with what went down on that side of the ball. Just like a year ago, Jackson and the offense moved the chains and controlled the clock, holding the ball for 10:25 of the first quarter. That’s a winning strategy, period. What was different from last season, though, was how they controlled the clock – with a dead-even run-pass balance (10 runs, 10 passes). It’s pretty clear that, as pledged, they’ll be passing more in 2019. They also have all sorts of big-play potential between Jackson, rookie running back Justice Hill, who showed serious speed and quickness Thursday night, and rookie receiver Marquise (Hollywood) Brown, who hasn’t even played yet. This is going to be one interesting offense.

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The Breakdown: Eisenberg's Thoughts on Ravens vs. Packers

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