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The Bachelor – regardless of each red flag, Elly says Matt will always be group Abbie


Since being eliminated, the fan favourite has gone IN on Matt and Abbie!

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Madison Spira

Fans of The Bachelor were left scratching their heads last night when Matt Agnew snubbed and later eliminated Elly Miles for expressing concerns about Abbie Chatfield’s intentions.

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The Bachelor: Despite every red flag, Elly says Matt will always be team Abbie

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At this point in time, Monique Morley, Sogand Mohtat and Matt’s very own best friend, Kate, have all doubted Abbie’s motives, however, annoyingly, he refuses to listen.

While it’s starting to piss the wider population off— Twitter is lit with angry memes right now— Elly has put her finger on why Matt is ignoring everyone… according to the affable nurse, he’s letting their sexual chemistry cloud his judgement. 

The Bachelor: Despite every red flag, Elly says Matt will always be team Abbie

“He’s a very intelligent man,” Elly told TV Week after she was booted off the series. “I think at this point he’s picked up there’s a few red flags there and there are a few inconsistencies that have popped up with Abbie. He’s aware of it, but they have such a strong connection that he doesn’t know what to think.”

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Seeing as every scandal this season was centred around the property analyst— meaning she’s guaranteed an insane amount of air time— Elly also reckons Abbie applied the for series in an attempt to boost her notoriety. 

“At the time there were comments being made about going on Bachelor In Paradise and Abbie seemed keen. So I questioned whether she was here for the right reasons if she was already thinking about life without Matt on a different TV show,” the fan favourite recently dished to a local publication. “She was very vocal about wanting to appear on the program.” 

Interestingly, Elly isn’t the only contestant who has a theory about Abbie overstaying her welcome. Last week, eliminated Bachie star Kristen Czyszek told Yahoo, that although she hasn’t made herself a favourite in her fellow contestants’ eyes, Matt is yet to see her true colours.

“I think it’s really hard to understand people’s comments when he (Matt) hasn’t seen that side and only experienced wonderful moments with her (Abbie),” Kristen revealed. “Matt knows what he wants and so he’s just pursuing what he wants, that’s why she’s still there.” 

“Abbie has such a big personality and we all have different ways of coping in [The Bachelor] environment, she copes with a lot of things through laughs and jokes.” 

Following last night’s emotionally charged episode Elly took a thinly veiled swipe at Matt when she revealed she didn’t have much in common with the hunky scientist. 

“I like bush blokes. I probably would have liked Nick (Cummins),” she told the Daily Telegraph after being booted off the series.“I love a blokey bloke.”

To be fair, The Honey Badger is right up Elly’s alley. 

Last night, fans of the series expressed their disappointment when the firm frontrunner used her extra time with Matt to slam this year’s villain, rather than focus on advancing their relationship.

It turns out an “unsettled” Matt was equally as disheartened, admitting after their encounter that he “wanted this to be a beautiful, romantic, intimate moment,” however it ended up becoming “something completely different.

Admitting that their connection instantly shifted after she ratted on Abbie, Elly’s convinced her decision to express her concerns definitely led to her shock exit. 

“We had a conversation where I opened up to him about fear of heartbreak and I said to him that I’m worried we’ll get to the end of this and it won’t be me because we’re too different,” the fan favourite told the outlet. “From that point, I noticed changes in his interactions with me a little bit. I felt him really take what I said on board.”