March 26, 2023

ASUNCION — A attorney for former Brazil striker Ronaldinho Gaucho stated his shopper would remain in Paraguay to help police with their inquiries into why he entered you. s. a . in possession of an adulterated Paraguayan passport.

Adolfo Marin told journalists that the ex-Barcelona player and his brother Roberto Assis spent around eight hours with officers in Asuncion on Thursday sooner than released.

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Soccer-Paraguay police Question Ronaldinho Over Alleged

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Soccer-Paraguay Police Question Ronaldinho Over Alleged

“He and his brother haven’t any restrictions on them concerning their freedom,” Marin stated. “but Ronaldinho has decided to remain in Paraguay and watch for the proceedings.”

Paraguayan prosecutor Federico Delfino advised an information convention past Thursday that Ronaldinho and his brother were detained in Asuncion on Wednesday in possession of what had been believed to be adulterated Paraguayan passports.

Soccer-Paraguay police question Ronaldinho over alleged …

Delfino said the pair left Guarulhos airport in Sao Paulo with Brazilian passports and were given Paraguayan ones “as soon as they got off the aircraft” in the Paraguayan capital.

“Each Mr. Ronaldinho and his brother stated they have been a gift,” Delfino informed reporters.

Preliminary investigations indicated the numbers on the passports corresponded to other folks Delfino introduced.

“they have now not long gone throughout the means of obtaining Paraguayan nationality,” Delfino stated. “To get Paraguayan nationality or to be naturalized as a Paraguayan, you need to have resided within us of a.”

Reuters has contacted Assis to request a comment on the allegations.

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Marin stated Brazilians wouldn’t have a passport to go back and forth between Brazil and Paraguay, each of which might be members of the Mercosul bloc.

He may now not explain why they confirmed Paraguayan passports after they had traveled just lately on their Brazilian passports to China, Europe, and the united states.

Marin said they were surprised by Paraguayan authorities and asked for extra time to peer the formal accusations.

“I think they confirmed good faith but have been surprised,” Marin said.

The Paraguayan public prosecutor’s workplace, which collaborated with the police in their investigation, mentioned its officials seized the pair’s mobile phones and passports all over a talk-over with to their lodge on Wednesday.

The brothers were invited to Paraguay through a neighborhood casino owner and arrived on Wednesday to participate in a soccer health center for youngsters and a guide launch.

Ronaldinho, who also performed for Atletico Mineiro, Flamengo, and Paris St Germain, remained featured professionally in 2015.

Ronaldinho, 39, was once one of the best participants on this planet at his height in the early part of this century.

He used to be named FIFA World participant of the year in 2004 and 2005 and won the World Cup with Brazil in 2002 and the Champions League with Barcelona in 2006. (Writing by using Andrew Downie; editing by Toby Davis and Ken Ferris)

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