March 27, 2023

Singer Duffy 'Drugged, Raped And Held Captive'


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Duffy’s debut album Rockferry went seven instances platinum

Grammy award-a success singer Duffy has published she was once drugged and raped after being held captive with assistance from an attacker.

The 35-yr-earlier Welsh celebrity posted on her examined Instagram account that her “restoration took time.”

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Singer Duffy’ drugged, raped and held captive.’

About ‘drugged,

The performer, who had a UK number one single, Mercy, in 2008, wrote to her 33,000 followers: “in reality, and please, believe me, I’m enough and secure now.”

“I was raped and drugged and held captive over some days,” she wrote.

Singer Duffy’ Drugged, Raped, And Held Captive.’

Duffy, whose debut album Rockferry went seven occasions platinum as it went to number one in six nations, gained three Brit Awards and a Grammy following her step ahead.

“which you could best possible take into consideration the number of occasions I thought of penning this,” she wrote on Instagram.

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“neatly, no longer sure why now will be the suitable time and what it is that feels interesting and liberating for me to talk.

“I will be able to explain it. Many of you marvel about what happened to me, where I disappeared, and why. A journalist contacted me; he discovered a way to achieve me, and I recommended him the whole thing this prior summer season. He used to be selected, and it felt so excellent to finally discuss.

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Duffy wrote about her ordeal to her 33,000 Instagram followers.

“Believe me, I’m sufficient and secure now; I was raped and drugged and held captive over some days. After all, I survived. The restoration took time. There isn’t a mild technique to say it. Alternatively, I will let you know inside the remaining decade; the quite a bit and hundreds of days I devoted to looking to feel the sunshine in my heart yet again, the sun does now shine.”

Duffy – whose actual title is Aimee Anne Duffy – went to primary in 12 countries with Mercy, which used to be once the UK’s 0.33-best possible-promoting single of 2008 with sales of more significant than 500,000 copies.

The singer, from Nefyn in Gwynedd, then loved success along with her first album Rockferry. As a result, it used to be the UK’s greatest-selling album of 2008.

“You surprised why I didn’t choose to use my voice to precise my soreness? I failed to want to show off the sector the sadness in my eyes,” she delivered.

“I asked myself, how can I sing from the guts whether it is broken?

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Duffy went to major in 12 countries alongside her single Mercy

“And slowly it unbroke. Within the following weeks, I might be posting a spoken interview.

“you probably have any questions? I am looking to resolve them throughout the spoken interview if I’ll. I have a sacred love and devoted appreciation for your kindness over time. You might have bought pals. I wish to thank you for that—x Duffy.

“Please respect it is a mild switch for me to make, for myself, and I don’t want any intrusion into my household. Please give a boost to me to make this a positive expertise.”

The BBC attempted to contact Duffy to verify her account.

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