March 26, 2023

Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza And Two Cornermen Test Certain For COVID

Ronaldo’ Jacare’ Souza has tested sure for COVID-19 and, as a result, has been dominated out of UFC 249.

Souza had been anticipated to compete in opposition to Uriah corridor this Saturday evening in Jacksonville, Florida; however, the Brazilian has now been sent away to self-isolate along with two cornermen who have additionally tested positive for the virus.

About Ronaldo

Ronaldo is a Portuguese identity identical to the Scottish Ronald. The football superstars became a pretty common name in all Portuguese conversing international locations, being additionally time-honored in Italy and Spanish-speaking nations.

extraordinary people referred to as Ronaldo embrace:

Ronaldo (Brazilian footballer) (born 1976), Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, used to be referred to as “Ronaldinho” in his early profession to tell apart from Ronaldo Rodrigues de Jesus

Cristiano Ronaldo (born 1985) Portuguese global footballer

Ronaldinho, full title Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (born 1980), Brazilian international footballer, often referred to as “Ronaldinho Gaúcho”

Ronaldo da Costa (born 1970) Brazilian lengthy-distance runner

Ronaldo Guiaro (born 1974) Brazilian world footballer

Ronaldo Rodrigues de Jesus (born 1965), Brazilian international footballer also known as Ronaldão

Ronaldo Maczinski (born 1980) Brazilian footballer

Ronaldo Giovanelli (born 1967), Brazilian footballer

Ronaldo Munck, Argentine sociologist

Ronaldo Pereira Alves (born 1977) Brazilian footballer

Ronaldo Puno, Philippine marketing campaign manager

Ronaldo’ Jacare’ Souza and two cornermen look at the positives of COVID

About ‘Jacare’

UFC 249 is still expected to advance regardless of the positive result.

“UFC’s scientific crew examined Souza and his two cornermen 

and located them to be currently asymptomatic or no longer exhibiting the standard signs of COVID-19,” the merchandising said in a commentary.

Ronaldo’ Jacare’ Souza and two cornermen look at sure for COVID …

“As per UFC’s well-being and safety protocols, all three men have left the host lodge and will be self-separating off-premises, where UFC’s scientific workforce will display their conditions remotely and can provide help with any necessary therapy.”

Souza, who drove to Jacksonville on Wednesday from his house in Florida, knowledgeable UFC officials upon his arrival about a member of the family who may have been contaminated with the coronavirus. In step with the UFC, Souza used to be then examined and monitored earlier than making the 185 lbs weight limit Friday morning.

The forty-year outdated would participate in a distanced staredown with hall, sporting a mask and gloves, but was considered fist-bumping UFC president Dana White earlier than receiving his specific results.

The UFC declared that all 23 different athletes scheduled to compete at UFC 249 tested terrible for the virus.

“We administered 1,200 checks this week on 300 people,” UFC president Dana White said. “It’s no longer unexpected; one person would test sure. The machine works. And what’s good about this is how we all know Jacare examined positive, he’s doing what he needs to do, and we’re in a position to lend a hand to him if he needs it.”

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