March 26, 2023

Reside Updates – Warriors vs. Timberwolves, Friday At 5 pm

Reside Updates – Warriors vs. Timberwolves, Friday At 5 pm

Get live news and analysis Friday at 5 p.m. when the Warriors close out a road trip with a game against the Timberwolves in Minnesota for the second time in 10 days.

The Warriors (51-23) come into Friday’s game with a one-game lead over Denver in the race for the Western Conference’s top seed.

About updates:

Live updates: Warriors vs. Timberwolves, Friday at 5 pm

About Warriors
A warrior is a person specializing in combat or warfare, especially within the context of a tribal or clan-based warrior culture society that recognizes a separate warrior class or caste.

Golden State, which beat Memphis 118-103 on Wednesday in the first of its two games on the road, is also looking for a four-game season sweep of the Timberwolves (33-41).

Stephen Curry scored 36 points in the Warriors’ 117-107 victory in Minnesota on March 19.

Live updates: Warriors vs. Timberwolves, Friday at 5 pm

The Timberwolves have lost six of their last seven games, including a 122-111 defeat to the Clippers on Tuesday.

Karl-Anthony Towns created a lot of problems for the Warriors in their last matchup as the All-Star scored 26 points and yanked down 21 rebounds.

The Warriors will be back in action Sunday night at Oracle against the Hornets.
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Here are the projected starting lineups:


C  Andrew Bogut
PF Draymond Green
SF Kevin Durant
SG Klay Thompson
PG Stephen Curry


C  Karl-Anthony Towns
PF Dario Saric
SF Andrew Wiggins
SG Josh Okogie
PG Tyus Jones
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Asked Karl-Anthony Towns if he thinks about how a win like this could help Ryan Saunders win the job. called official Marat Kogut “the MVP of tonight.” Steph asked if KD’s foul call was punishment for taunting officials after 3 to tie. Steph: “If that’s the case, it’s indicative of the entire game.”[email protected] of the @warriors had a few things to say about new WSU coach Kyle Smith.

#GoCougs | @WSUCougars is one SID in the country I know of who bakes his goods for the media. His name is Lawrence Fan and the b……Wow, Ano, they tricked layup and Duke advancesKevin Durant called official Marat Kogut “the best player on the floor tonight.”

Wondering how I’ve gone thru life like this and never did/done drugs….Wondering how I’ve gone thru life like this and never did/done drugs….Steph Curry: “Draymond got a tech for saying, ‘oh we can’t talk to you’ll tonight?’ Steph: “It’s kind of embarrassing.”

A wild Friday night at Target Center…

but most importantly, a WOLVES WIN.

Who was the MVP of tonight’s Warriors-Timberwolves game? Curry and Durant both said referee Mark Kogut. Steph Curry: “You’d have to ask the MVP of the night, (referee) Mark Kogut.”

Kevin Durant called official Marat Kogut “the best player in the game tonight”

Well worth the fine…[email protected] now has 8 career games with at least 11 threes.

Everyone else in NBA history combined has 8 such……Caption This drop an OT thriller in Minneapolis

@Verizon brings you the Game Rewind 📹

Kevin Durant shares everything he thinks about the calls

Kevin Durant on the late foul: “Leon, you just gotta get out the way at that point.”[email protected] clutches the game-winning free throw

@budweiserusa Legendary Moment of the Game


Postgame Notes from tonight’s 131-130 overtime loss in Minnesota and-1LET’S GO TWINS on the late KD foul call: “You mean when the lob was going 10 feet over the rim? Never seen it.”
Kerr on the l……Wolves announcers going full Fitz

Steve Kerr: “Disappointed with the way we lost control of the game. Disappointed with the officiating.”

Steve Kerr said he’s disappointed with the bad third quarter and the officiating

After a questionable call denying KD of game-winning three and one, Curry drains one seconds later and immediately……“Kat would’ve Dunked it”… lmaoooooooSteve Kerr is upset with the officials as well as the third-quarter play. He called the missed call on Durant “mind-boggling”

See the next play the ball is 5 ft over the rim lolIguodala in GIF form (r @samesfandiari )

I respect the Warriors for taunting the ref but also kinda love the refs sabotaging an entire game to get revenge. Great job on all sideshelluva battle, @warriors’s reaction to that foul is laughter

One of the most disrespectful moments I have ever seen on a basketball court. Warriors pointing and laughing at ref……LOL announcers 🤣Final 📊

Steph: 37p/5a/3r/2s
KD: 23p/12r/7a/2b
Klay: 20p/5a/2r
DeMarcus: 16p/9r
Andre: 14p/3r/2a/2s
Dray: 9p/10r/5a/4s
Quinn: 5p
Kevon: 4p/3r

Shaun: 2p/2a kept his composure and hung in through a tough night. Some gutsy moves by Ryan, going with Bayless and Keita defensively late. Some luck was involved too. But that was an inspired night final: Timberwolves 131, Warriors 130 (OT) WATER. YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

Lmaoooooo “You not disrespecting my fellow referee” They never call fouls in that situation… let alone on a superstar┳┻|
┳┻| _
┻┳| •.•) Wolves Win.

Lmao refs committed highway robbery. You don’t call that foul manDidn’t man did tonight.’t have it tonight. knew that was coming after the taunts lolT-Wolveloln over Warriors 131-130 in OT. The warriors had a bad 3rd Q. But some weird calls at the end.

Wolves win. Of course,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Officials just called a foul on Durant after the inbounds pass. Townsares going to go to the link got robbed. Curry made them payLmaoooo these dudes taunting the ref 🤣🤣🤣🤣STEPHEN


charismaIt’s Marat Kogut, by the way. Just clowning him right to his face. THE MF GAWDDDDDUnreal. Kevin Durant drains a 3 with 4.4 seconds left. But the officials called off the basket. Then Steph makes his 3 wits.

5 seconds left. The warriors are both laughing and yelling at the officafterwarddsAll the Warriors are pointing and laughing at the ref who didn’t call that KD shooting foul. Like literally running past him and pointing and laughing…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… …How is that no basketunrealE. MADE. THAT.

Okogie. Just sensational tonightITOT STEPH #SPLASH 💦

Andrew Wiggins just fouled out with 2:21 left. Durant at the line. Warriors trail 123-117 with 2:21 left.🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

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