Ray Hadley's moving message to his listeners for RU adequate? Day


Ray Hadley has delivered a moving message to his listeners, encouraging them to are trying to find lend a hand in the event that they want it in honour of R U ok? day.

Australians across the us of a are being asked to check on the mental health of the individuals in their lives by using asking “are you good enough?” nowadays.

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Ray Hadley's moving message to his listeners for RU adequate? day

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Ray Hadley is aware of exactly what it’s prefer to feel down, but says it’s necessary to are seeking for assist whilst you’re having more bad days than excellent days.

“From my point of view, not every day is ideal. Most of them are in reality, in reality just right, and so they’ve turn out to be even better with the beginning of my grandchildren.

Ray Hadley's moving message to his listeners for RU ok? day

“however as you’d take into account now and again it’s no longer much enjoyable selecting up the paper and seeing your self on the entrance page for a complete range of issues. and also you get a little down about it, but you soar again and continue on.

“fortunately i have some distance more just right days than low days.”

Ray says he’s happy the stigma around mental well being has modified through the years.

“when I was once a young bloke, it was considered as an indication of weakness to express your thoughts. to speak about psychological well being used to be a taboo.

“neatly, in 2019 it’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of power.”

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One listener heard Ray’s message this morning and used to be moved sufficient to make a decision to seek assist.

“I’ve been battling numerous years and to be honest I’ve come shut once or twice to ending issues.

“according to your feedback this morning I’m going to go and see anyone to get my lifestyles back.”

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another listener emailed Ray to share the heartbreaking story of dropping her 33-year-outdated son to suicide.

“you have no concept how proper you had been whilst you mentioned that now and again the happiest folks on this planet are the ones who become the saddest.

“from time to time the “are you good enough” query is not sufficient.

“I only want my boy could see the devastation he’s left at the back of.

“I do hope R U ok? day helps someone, Ray. I don’t want any individual to head through what we’ve long past through.”

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if you’re experiencing difficulties please are seeking for help:

Lifeline – thirteen 11 14

past Blue – 1300 224 636

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