Raptors vs Pelicans live move – the right way to watch NBA opening night time …


An eventful offseason is officially over with the NBA returning with a bang tonight as the defending champions take on a new-look New Orleans Pelicans outfit.

Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart all came in to the Pelicans as part of the Anthony Davis trade with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Raptors vs Pelicans live stream: How to watch NBA opening night …

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But the game is slightly tainted with a hint of disappointment with no Zion Williamson after he was ruled out for up to two months.

Still, that shouldn’t take away from the excitement inside the Scotiabank Arena as they welcome back the reigning NBA champions.

Raptors vs Pelicans live stream: How to watch NBA opening night …

The last time the Raptors were playing a competitive game inside their home arena, they were one win away from clinching a franchise first NBA championship – something they achieved one match later at the Oracle.

Kawhi Leonard though is now gone with Masai Ujiri having to work some magic in the offseason to fill the gaping void left by the NBA Finals MVP.

Still, they have the exciting young duo of OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam to back up Kyle Lowry and they’ll no doubt be hoping to prove any doubters wrong this upcoming season.

It promises to be an electric atmosphere in Toronto for the opening night. Find out below how to watch it live.

Sky Sports are the exclusive rights holders for NBA in the UK.

And Sky Sports have live coverage of the Raptors vs Pelicans game, starting at 1am BST on Wednesday.

Today’s game will be shown on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Arena.

This also means that all the coverage can be followed live on your desktop or laptop via the Sky Go app, which if you’re an existing customer, is also available on iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices.

Sky Go is also available on a number of platforms including Amazon Fire devices, iPad, Mac computers and laptops, Playstation 3, PS4 and Xbox One.

The Sky Sports app, available to download on iOS and Android devices, will also be providing live text coverage and updates.

If you’re not currently a Sky Sports customer but can’t stand to miss out on the action, you can add the channels to your box via a NOW TV subscription.

Day passes, which let you add Sky Sports channels for 24 hours, start at £7.99 a day, with a weekly pass starting from £12.99, and no locking in to a contract.

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