Prince Andrew – I didn't have intercourse with teenager, I was once at house after …


The Duke of York claimed on Saturday night time that he might not have had intercourse with a teenage woman within the London home of British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell as a result of he was at home after attending a children’s party at Pizza specific in Woking.

Prince Andrew gave the startling clarification in a bombshell interview with Emily Maitlis for BBC’s Newsnight during which he used to be grilled about his relationship with the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, who has been uncovered as a paedophile.

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Prince Andrew: I didn't have sex with youngster, I used to be at residence after …

About Andrew:

In a every so often rambling and contradictory account of their friendship, the prince insisted he had now not had sex with any women trafficked through Epstein in any of his properties. He proven that he had flown on Epstein’s now notorious jet, nicknamed the Lolita express, and stayed on his personal island and at his dwelling in Palm beach, in addition to at his the big apple mansion.

“should you’re a person it is a positive act to have sex with anyone,” the prince defined. “it’s a must to …. take some type of certain motion and so subsequently in case you attempt to disregard it’s very tough to try and put out of your mind a good motion and i don’t remember that anything.”

Prince Andrew: I didn't have intercourse with teenager, I was once at dwelling after …

Of the allegations that he had intercourse with Virginia Giuffre, previously often called Virginia Roberts, when she was once 17, the prince categorically denied it ever happened.

Roberts has said that they partied at Tramp nightclub in London on 10 March 2001, ahead of going back to Maxwell’s Belgravia mews home where she claims she had sex with Andrew.

The prince mentioned: “I used to be with the youngsters and i’d taken Beatrice to a Pizza specific in Woking for a birthday celebration at I believe 4 or 5 in the afternoon. and then because the duchess [Sarah Ferguson] was away, we now have a easy rule within the household that once one is away the opposite is there.”

A photo of the prince along with his arm around Roberts’s waist has been broadly circulated, however the prince time and again mentioned in his Newsnight interview he had “no recollection of that photo ever being taken”. He said the image appeared to have been taken upstairs in Maxwell’s house, someplace “I don’t suppose I ever went”.

the day past Giuffre retweeted several disparaging tweets concerning the prince together with one who read: “Prince Andrew’s stunning interview used to be an attempt to shop his reputation – but it just raised extra questions.”

in the interview the prince said he remaining saw Maxwell past this yr. He defended his relationship with Epstein, who was once found lifeless previous this yr in prison while being held on intercourse trafficking fees, pronouncing it had unfolded opportunities for him as he transitioned out of the navy: “in the navy it’s a beautiful remoted industry because you’re out at sea the entire time and i used to be going to turn out to be the special representative for international trade and development. The alternatives I was once given to research either by him or as a result of him have been if truth be told very useful.”

He validated that Epstein had been a guest at Windsor and Sandringham and that he attended a dinner celebrating the financier’s liberate from jail. An arrest warrant was once issued for Epstein in could 2006, for sexual assault of a minor. The prince verified that he invited Epstein to Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday the next July and used to be unaware that the warrant had been issued.

In 2010, the prince was once photographed strolling with Epstein in ny’s significant Park – two years after Epstein’s first conviction for soliciting a minor for prostitution. When it used to be stated all through the interview that he used to be staying at the home of a “convicted intercourse wrongdoer”, he mentioned: “It used to be a handy situation to stay… at the finish of the day, with the good thing about all of the hindsight you’ll be able to have, it was for sure the unsuitable thing to do. but on the time, I felt it used to be the honourable and right thing to do. and that i admit totally that my judgment was more than likely coloured through my tendency to be too honourable however that is just the way it’s.”

The prince mentioned he went to the US to tell Epstein they may not see each other, as “doing it over the phone was the chicken’s manner”. Of claims that witnesses noticed younger women getting into Epstein’s mansion, the prince mentioned: “it’s a must to understand that his home, I described it … nearly as a railway station … there were folks coming in and out… at all times.”

He gave the impression to be open to giving a statement under oath, one thing Epstein’s victims had been traumatic: “If push got here to shove and the prison advice used to be to do so, then i’d be accountability sure to do so.” sooner than the printed, Gloria Allred, a attorney performing for numerous Epstein’s victims, stated: “quite than just going on tv he, i think, would be smartly served to simply say I’m prepared to take the oath and seem at a deposition.”

The prince said that his association with the financier had been “a relentless sore within the household”.

near the tip of the interview, when Emily Maitlis asked if he felt any “guilt, remorseful about or disgrace” about his behaviour or friendship with Epstein, the prince said handiest that it was once “the improper determination to move and see him in 2010” and delivered that it had been “really helpful” to know him.

He went on: “Do I regret the truth that he has relatively clearly carried out himself in a way unbecoming? sure …”

Maitlis interrupted, with visible astonishment: “Unbecoming? He was a sex offender.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m being well mannered – I imply in the sense that he was once a intercourse offender,” the prince spoke back, before continuing his justification for last involved with Epstein unless 2010.

“but no, was I right in having him as a friend? at the time, taking into consideration this used to be some years prior to he was accused of being a intercourse offender. I don’t there used to be anything unsuitable then, the issue used to be the fact that as soon as he had been convicted.”

prior, the prince urged that he was a victim of the furore surrounding Epstein, announcing that his own psychological well being had turn into a subject matter.

a few of the prince’s statements drew astonishment from viewers. When Maitlis said, in the preamble to at least one query, that Epstein used to be dead, he mentioned “yes” and seemed to giggle amusing.

He explained that the for the reason that he hadn’t seen younger ladies at Epstein’s house used to be that, as a member of the royal household, he used to be used to “contributors of personnel strolling around at all times” and so hadn’t interacted with any person he thought to be to be team of workers in a meaningful method.

In one in every of his early responses to Maitlis’s questions about the appropriateness of his friendship with Epstein, the prince stated: “when I noticed him within the united states or after I was once staying in his homes in the united states, there used to be no indication, absolutely no indication. And if there was, you have to remember that at the time I used to be client of the NSPCC’s Full stop marketing campaign so I used to be close up with what used to be happening in these instances about eliminating abuse to youngsters so I knew what the issues had been to look for but I never saw them.”

The prince smiled and laughed at a few factors throughout the interview, and gave no trace that he was once distressed concerning the critical allegations in opposition to him.

When Maitlis raised the topic of a picture which presentations the prince standing next to Virginia Roberts, with an arm round her, he instructed that, as a member of the royal family, he used to be “no longer one to, because it have been, hug, and public shows of affection aren’t one thing that I do”. photos of the prince photographed in embraces with quite a lot of women at totally different factors of his lifestyles had been posted widely on social media.