Police look at possible hate crime after slurs geared toward Megan Rapinoe


NY city police are investigating a imaginable hate crime directed at Megan Rapinoe after posters of the field Cup champion had been defaced with homophobic slurs.

The defaced posters, that have been at a big apple subway station, were mentioned early on Monday morning. the us had obtained the ladies’s World Cup final on Sunday, and acquired a victory parade in ny on Wednesday. Rapinoe, who’s gay, finished as the top scorer throughout the adventure and is a vocal recommend for girls’s and LGBT rights. She has also clashed with Donald Trump. prior than the arena Cup she stated she would not are seeking recommendation from the White house if the USA won the in shape, and on Sunday she accused the president of apart from large sections of the us population.

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Police appear into imaginable hate crime after slurs aimed at Megan Rapinoe

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“Your message is aside from folks. You’re except for me. You’re apart from those who appear to be me. You’re apart from for people of coloration. You’re except for … american citizens that probably toughen you,” she mentioned on CNN.

After the parade on Wednesday, Rapinoe preached a message of brotherly love. “that’s my cost to everyone: we must be higher,” she stated. “we have to like additional. Hate a lot less. We bought to hear more and discuss so much much less … It’s our responsibility to make the field a higher place.

Police check out conceivable hate crime after slurs geared toward Megan Rapinoe

A spokesperson for ny’s Metropolitan Transport Authority said that they’d referred the defaced posters to police. “Hate has no place in the transit device and we work laborious to make the subway a welcoming, safe setting for everyone,” said in a remark. “We referred this to NYPD which spoke back to investigate, our repairs teams bought the posters cleaned and we will be able to have them modified with new ones if important.”

america group of workers were widely praised considering that a hit their 2nd World Cup in succession. After Wednesday’s parade they had been named body of workers of the yr at the prestigious ESPY awards. however, there has been some backlash to Rapinoe and her teammates’ activism. On Wednesday, former Trump information Sebastian Gorka accused the group of workers of attacking American values. “They’ve gone insane, they usually wish to smash everything that’s healthful in our usa and in our Judeo-Christian civilization,” he mentioned.