NSW hearth authorities problem emergency warning for blaze in Belmont, south of Newcastle



The red glow of a bushfire silhouettes a line of trees close to a block of suburban homes.

The fire came within 200 metres of properties. (Keiron Pritchard, NSW RFS)

Belmont 2280

A bushfire burning in Belmont, south of Newcastle, has been downgraded from an emergency warning to a watch and act.

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NSW fire authorities issue emergency warning for blaze in Belmont, south of Newcastle

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  • The fire, which has now been downgraded, was pushed by strong southerly winds
  • Earlier, residents were told it was too late to leave their homes
  • Photos showed the sky glowing red as smoke billowed above nearby houses

The blaze came within 200 metres of properties east of Merleview Street.

The NSW Rural Fire Service said the threat to homes had eased as conditions improved across the fireground.

NSW fire authorities issue emergency warning for blaze in Belmont, south of Newcastle

It said firefighters would continue to provide property protection and undertake backburning where required.

The fire, which started on Thursday evening in the wetlands, was being pushed by strong southerly winds.

The RFS warned that embers could be blown up to four kilometres ahead of the fire, creating spot fires that could move quickly and in different directions.

A fire on the horizon.

This photo was taken from Cobbin Parade. (Supplied: Kylie M Bridge)

Nearby resident Lauren Eather said embers were falling from the sky almost 2 kilometres away from the flames.

“The air is super thick with smoke, even in our house,” Ms Eather said.

“Burnt leaves falling all over our yard. We have hosed all our gutters and urged our neighbours, too, as we are fearful of embers.

“The wind is fierce up here — [we are] watching the alerts closely.”

Residents in nearby towns took to Facebook and offered their homes as shelter for those fleeing.

“We are close by in Jewells, have heaps of room if anyone needs to leave but wants to stay nearby. Take care everyone,” one wrote.

Photos of the blaze showed the sky glowing red as smoke billowed above nearby houses.

A fire behind a building at night.

The fire is seen behind Belmont Christian College. (Supplied: Tania Richards)

“It’s really loud with sirens and there is a hell of a lot of smoke,” nearby resident Kieran Vane said.

“I can still see an intense glow from my house.”

Pat Moore said she could see the fire charge towards properties from her home atop the hill at Belmont North.

“The flames are really high, rising above the houses,” Ms Moore said.

“Down on the flats they are just two blocks away from homes.

“The fire seems to have moved towards the ocean a little now so I think we are safe here for the moment.”

The Pacific Highway is affected by smoke in both directions and drivers have been warned to slow down.