March 26, 2023

The world’s well-known rock celebrity came on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast on Wednesday morning to deal with, erm, the Leeds striker’s dry patch.

Leeds Put Up Funny Response After Jon Bon Jovi Tries To Encourage An End About response

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Leedspoststa Is A  Humorous Response After Jon Bon Jovi Tries To Inspire And Finish

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Leeds submit a  funny response after Jon Bon Jovi tries to inspire and finish …

sexy in 2000 and still attractive now – and that’s just Casc!

Bamford, it sounds as if a major Bon Jovi fan, has been giving Leeds a nasty title with his kind in entrance of intention in the latest weeks.

So we requested the frontman of the band himself to check out and put issues right with a message to the striker live on talkSPORT.

He mentioned: “Patrick – I’m holding your next sports cheque! You score, you get it… you don’trankg, you don’t get it.

“How’s that for motivation!”

Bamford didn’t internet all over the 1-0 victory over Middlesbrough and extended his goalless run to six video games, despite a couple of possibilities, then again the message did seem to reach Yorkshire.

At half-time, with the Whites preserving a slim lead, the club’s account tweeted ‘Woah, we’re halfway there – about Bon Jovi’s huge anthem living on a Prayer.

Leeds has got to carry onto what they’ve got after the result gave them a five-level lead over the third-place of their bid for automated promoting.

In other places within the division, Fulham snatched a dramatic 1-0 victory over Swansea as Aleksandar Mitrovic struck in the closing minute to make up for his ignored penalty moments previous.

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