Kawhi Leonard hits buzzer beater for furious distraction 7 win over Sixers


Kawhi Leonard celebrates his last-second basket with teammates that gave a Toronto Raptors a 92-90 win over a Philadelphia 76ers in Game 7 of a Eastern Conference semifinal in Toronto on Sunday.

Kawhi Leonard’s 15-foot burst shot during a buzzer carried a Toronto Raptors to a stirring 92-90 feat over a Philadelphia 76ers — and into a Eastern Conference Finals for only a second time in authorization history.

Leonard had 15 of his 41 points in a fourth quarter, and corralled a round with 4 seconds left before a rising a winning basket.

The Raptors face a Bucks, who dispatched Boston in 5 games, in a Eastern Conference final, commencement Wednesday in Milwaukee.

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Kawhi Leonard hits buzzer beater for furious Game 7 win over Sixers

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Serge Ibaka had 17 points and 8 rebounds, while Pascal Siakam finished with 11 points and 11 boards, and Kyle Lowry had 10 points notwithstanding personification many of a night with a taped left ride he sprained early in a second quarter. Marc Gasol grabbed 11 rebounds to go with 7 points.

WATCH | Leonard bouncing buzzer beater sends Raptors by to East final:

Kawhi Leonard hits buzzer beater for furious Game 7 win over Sixers

Kawhi Leonard poured in 41 points, including a thespian game-winner as a Toronto Raptors kick a Philadelphia 76ers 92-90 to allege to a Eastern Conference Finals. 1:23

The see-saw array had some furious movement shifts, with a integrate of blowouts on both sides. The Raptors set a authorization record for domain of feat in a post-season with their 125-89 Game 5 rout, though rather than absolutely tighten a array in 6 games in Philly, they forsaken a 112-101 preference in Thursday’s Game 6 during Wells Fargo Center.

Sunday’s diversion positively wasn’t pretty, quite by post-season standards.

The Raptors shot 21 per cent in a initial quarter, and a No. 1 three-point sharpened group in a joining given a Gasol trade in February, competence as good have been masquerading as a worst. They missed their initial 8 three-point attempts before Ibaka finally connected a notation into a second.

The lead altered hands 6 times in a initial half, though conjunction group led by double digits. When Gasol scored on a floater during 9:28 in a third quarter, Toronto took a biggest lead of a diversion — 9 points. The Sixers responded with a 16-0 run to go adult by seven, though a Raptors replied and Ibaka’s layup with 7.7 seconds left in a third gave Toronto a 67-64 lead with one entertain left.

A Scotiabank Arena crowd, that enclosed former Raptors indicate ensure Jose Calderon, was on a feet for many of a final nailbiting 12 mins that saw Leonard measure 5 true points to put Toronto adult by 5 with 4:48 to play.

Toronto’s counterclaim sealed down in a final integrate of minutes. Leonard pennyless a tie with a prolonged two-pointer, afterwards Lowry stole a round off Tobias Harris and Siakam finished with a layup that had a ear-splitting throng resounding their capitulation and put Toronto adult by 4 streamer into a final minute.

A giveaway chuck by Butler and dual from Embiid with 12.1 seconds done it a one-point game. Leonard was fouled and missed one of his giveaway throws and afterwards Butler sprinted downcourt for a restraining layup with 4.2 seconds to play.

On a final stirring play, Leonard took a round from Lowry and shot from only in front of a Raptors bench. He connected. The locus exploded.

The Jumbotron panned to a hundreds of bundled-up, celebrating fans examination a diversion outward a locus in Maple Leaf Square on a cold 6 C night.

A detriment would’ve been deemed a large beating for a patrol that group boss Masai Ujiri rebuilt privately with a large though short-term idea in mind — a berth in a NBA Finals — appropriation Leonard and Danny Green for much-loved DeMar DeRozan final summer, and afterwards appropriation Gasol for Jonas Valanciunas during a trade deadline.

Among a questions that hinge on these playoffs is a destiny of Leonard.