Jurors acquitted former NBA participant Mateen Cleaves, but prosecutors say this video proved his guilt


GRAND BLANC, Mich. — Video from the evening

Mateen Cleaves was accused of sexual assault

presentations his accuser struggling and pulling far from the ex-Michigan State university megastar as he makes an attempt to drag her back into a resort room.

Cleaves, who performed six seasons in the NBA, was

acquitted of four sexual assault costs

with the aid of a jury August 20.

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Jurors acquitted former NBA participant Mateen Cleaves, but prosecutors say this video proved his guilt

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The surveillance video, which was once played in courtroom however not allowed to be broadcast whereas the trial was once ongoing, was taken out of doors of the Knights hotel motel in Grand Blanc, Michigan. The fight, prosecutors say, happened between 1:30 a.m. and a pair of a.m. It was released Friday with the aid of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s place of business thru a public records request.

the first clip displays Cleaves’ accuser strolling faraway from the motel in part nude, followed carefully by way of Cleaves in pursuit. Cleaves is seen sporting best socks.

Jurors acquitted former NBA participant Mateen Cleaves, but prosecutors say this video proved his guilt

The video presentations Cleaves grab the girl, who we’re not determining, spin her round and pull her again toward the room she simply tried to leave. She resists, bending her knees and looking to pull away.

The video has no audio.

Colleen Dowdall, a resident of the Knights resort lodge on September 15, stated she witnessed the battle and testified all the way through Cleaves’ legal trial.

“She looked at me and he or she mentioned: ‘help me, lend a hand me, lend a hand me.’ and that i had the telephone in my hand and that i told her I’m on the telephone right now calling the police,” she stated. “I appeared Mateen within the eyes, he didn’t say one word.”

13 minutes later, Cleaves’ accuser is considered on video once more, this time operating from the former MSU star who can be viewed chasing her, then grabbing her with each hands and pulling her again to the room again.

The combat continues unless she in a roundabout way falls to the ground. Seconds later, she is viewed trying to draw back again. over again, Cleaves pulls her again, wrapping both arms round her waist and pulling her back to the room.

Dowdall testified that she spoke to Cleaves’ accuser that night.

“She said he acquired on high of her,” Dowdall stated in court, “she couldn’t battle him off and she simply laid there.”

Cleaves’ attorneys maintained during trial that the intercourse was at all times consensual and that the video showed Cleaves making an attempt to give protection to the partially nude lady when he pulled her again into the room.

Jurors indirectly sided with the previous MSU famous person, thinking of for less than threen hours sooner than acquitting him of all prices.

In an e-mailed observation, Cleaves’ lawyer Frank Manley stated the video was once irrelevant.

“The video was once presented in a court of regulation. A Jury found Mr. Cleaves not guilty of all fees,” Manley wrote. “The complainant had her day in courtroom. The criminal topic is closed. no longer responsible remains not responsible.”

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