Japan with Sue Perkins review – adorable, candid … And heavy on the cliches


Sue Perkins is having to confront her disasters – and shout about them. Which she is failing at. Perkins is attending a management training direction for eastern salarymen and one of the tasks is to voice your shortcomings. “i am SUE,” she yells, gamely. “i’m VERY SHY and i DON’T LIKE SHOUTING. however i’ve COME right here TO research eastern self-discipline.” “TOO QUIET!” the instructor barks again. The television presenter is making slightly a career from go back and forth programmes – Japan With Sue Perkins (BBC One) is at least her 0.33.

frequently I in finding famous person travelogues about as interesting as the holiday tales of individuals i know in real existence, which is to claim now not very. but they show no sign of demise out, so someone should be watching. i admire Perkins, although, and he or she is an amiable traveller and presenter – there’s an openness to her that places folks relaxed, and an honesty that makes her fascinating to watch.

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Japan with Sue Perkins review – lovable, candid … and heavy on the cliches

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She arrives in Tokyo and the cliches begin. There are neon lights and zebra crossings the length of runways. It feels “so alien, so different, so terribly odd”. there is something about reconciling the “conventional values of old Japan” and its “odd new future”. Perkins exams right into a hotel with creepy robotic receptionists and is flummoxed through a hi-tech cloth cabinet.

Then it is on to a sumo training session, where the sight of Perkins being trussed with a mawashi – that beige nappy-style jockstrap – made me snicker. “That’s certainly reconnected me with my genitals,” she says. She trains with some female college students who hope to become Japan’s first skilled feminine sumo wrestlers, once it is allowed.

Japan with Sue Perkins evaluation – cute, candid … and heavy on the cliches

There are extra robots within the home of a japanese household, who have a mechanical dog to keep their right kind canine firm and a cutesy humanoid robot who does the same for his or her kids. as an alternative of being alarmed, Perkins seems thinking about the concept that robots could maintain us company after we are lonely and elderly. “unexpectedly they don’t really feel like the enemy,” she says.

thankfully this programme is multiplied past foreigners doing funny issues by Perkins’ empathy. When she goes to a business college outside the town to analyze to be a greater supervisor – it’s in accordance with SAS tactics and often called Hell Camp – the absurdity of it is evident, but she has precise subject for the lads who appear to be struggling. “if they don’t do what they’ve been instructed and they don’t full the path, then it’s shameful for them and their jobs will be on the road,” she says, looking tearful. There are males crying from humiliation, confronting their shortcomings as bosses. “It’s really painful to look at,” she says.

Perkins has watery eyes again at the photoshoot of the fake wedding of a younger girl – minus a partner – who needs to be made up and photographed in a marriage costume for “my domestic and my Instagram”. it’s ridiculous however Perkins finds the humanity – and poignancy – in it. Marriage charges are down, she says, and “younger people are more prone to be celibate than ever ahead of”.

Exploring the tradition of kawaii – cuteness – Perkins visits a district full of shops selling childish clothes and accessories for grownups. “The more I stroll down [this street] the extra I take into consideration japanese girls and how so much pressure should be on them always to be candy and submissive and purple and lovely,” she says. “anyone like me, aged nine or 10, would have felt so misplaced in a culture that prizes that version of the female.”

you realize what she is considering when she goes to a meet-and-greet held by means of one of Japan’s many woman bands, above a storage and up a “piss-stained concrete staircase”, and it is filled with middle-aged male fans. “This guy’s acquired your traditional gig outfit on – suit, tie, face masks,” she deadpans. however the gig itself, with a load of men reducing loose with glow sticks, is hilarious. “think about should you put Taylor Swift in a garage and stuffed it with property agents and football hooligans,” is Perkins’ good description. it’s a “maddening, brilliant” expertise – no longer seedy, as she imagined. She appears to be like as if she would possibly cry again.

As a travel friend, Perkins is excellent fun. but as a satisfying exploration of the u . s ., the programme lacked depth. Perkins pointers at more fascinating topics; she is critical of Japan’s rigidity, particularly gender roles, and that i would love to have heard from some professional jap voices unpicking the salarymen’s shame, or the affect of kawaii on girls.

For the closing 10 minutes, Perkins heads to the countryside – stunning, beautiful mountains – for a touch round Shintoism and a spot of forest bathing. She is prompt to lie down on some logs and “totally benefit from the sounds of nature”. Then the woodland therapist begins taking part in a flute, and Perkins’ eyes snap open in alarm. A priest at a Shinto festival explains that in a hi-tech world, getting with reference to nature is a chance to are living at a more comfy %. it’s presented as a profundity, however is hardly a blinding insight.

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