Jack Nowell – England Exeter wing 'pushed himself too onerous' all the way through restoration


The 26-year-old has won 33 caps since making his debut in 2014.

England wing Jack Nowell has admitted he pushed himself too hard during his recovery from a serious ankle injury, but hopes to be fit for the start of the Rugby World Cup.

Nowell, 26, was injured in the Premiership final, and had surgery at the start of June.

About Nowell:

Jack Nowell: England Exeter wing 'pushed himself too hard' during recovery

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But he was forced to fly home early from the training camp in Italy after a setback in his rehabilitation.

“It was a kick up the backside for me,” Nowell told BBC Radio 5 Live.

Jack Nowell: England Exeter wing 'pushed himself too hard' during recovery

Speaking to 5 Live’s Sonja McLaughlan, he added: “Maybe at start of my rehab I may have pushed it a bit too much.

“That’s probably down to me being a bit greedy and me wanting to get back as quickly as I can.

“I sat down with the physios and they said ‘you need to look after this now’. Luckily now I am on the right track.”

Nowell is unlikely to feature in any of England’s warm-up games in August, but has still been named in the World Cup squad of 31.

The versatile back enjoyed a superb Six Nations and is now targeting being fully fit in time for England’s tournament opener against Tonga in Sapporo on 22 September.

“I’m getting there. It was a bit slower than I thought at the start but I am pretty positive about it now,” he added.

“I went back to the club and saw the surgeons and they are very happy.

“It’s tough watching the boys play and train but hopefully I am not too far away now.”