March 26, 2023

IU and BTS Member Suga release well timed Pop track "Eight"

Following per week of teasers and rising pleasure, the extraordinarily-anticipated collaboration between IU (real title Lee Jieun) and BTS member Suga (real title Min Yoongi) is not directly here.

Because the clock struck 6 p.m. in Korea, IU and Suga’s joint effort dropped within the type of “에잇” (Hangeul spelling of the phonetization of the English phrase “Eight,” which serves as the one’s alternate title). The pair unveiled the collaboration on streaming structures in addition to 1theK’s professional YouTube channel.

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IU and BTS Member Suga liberate smartly timed Pop tune “Eight”

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The track has a feel-good pop type that includes ethereal synths that signify Suga’s latest productions, like Heize’s “we do not speak about together.” Guitar and piano instrumentals additionally take center stage, giving the examination a cinematic (or OST) feel. but hidden underneath that Lightness are advanced metaphors that provide “Eight” a weightier message.

In Melon’s description, IU describes the track as a “brief confessional recount” urged from the perspective of a persona-like persona referred to as “You” (“너” in Korean).
The track makes use of an excessive amount of analogies (just like the “orange sunlight” and an “eternal island”) to transmit a way of longing, all over the lens of youth and loss.

“I’m no longer sure whether this is coming from my non-public sentiment, the overall ambiance of the society that’s struggling using laborious occasions due to the catastrophe, or each,” IU defined the track, in step with Toolset Bangtan’s translation.

“I believe like my 28 it is going to be remembered as a repeated feeling of helplessness and lethargy and the longing for the ‘orange island’ the position we weren’t unhappy and had been ready to be at liberty.” introduced as narration between two characters in soliloquy form, “Eight” dwells on memories and past encounters, in step with Genius and fan translations — and it’s closely open to interpretation.

IU and BTS Member Suga unencumber neatly timed Pop tune “Eight”

“everything involves me because it pleases and leaves without even announcing goodbye/If it’s like this, I don’t want to love anything,” IU sings within the first verse, per Toolset Bangtan’s translation. The Daegu wordsmith then joins IU in the second verse alongside his signature perceptiveness. even if short, as Suga’s verse advances, his sharp traces make means for a subtle, softened impact that leans extra into honeyed vocals, matching the music’s cadence and story.

Meanwhile, the tune video for “Eight” just provides the progressive, nostalgic feeling of the lyrics. It kicks off with IU entering a Gattaca-impressed futuristic lab. As she lays on a stretcher, she will get transported into absolutely different worlds by way of memories. Mixing prime quality 3D and 2nd animation types as all as stay-motion, drama-inspired pictures, the video, and its orange glow enlarge the storytelling.

Consistent with the credit on Melon, IU and Suga labored collectively on the whole thing from the lyrics to the composition and affiliation of the take a look at, the latter two in tandem with EL CAPITAN (who has labored with Suga on BTS’s Map of the Soul: 7 and Epik excessive’s “everlasting Sunshine,” amongst various tasks). In April, adequate-media prompt it was IU who approached Suga with the collaboration supply.

Yoongi in brief touched upon the track’s release on his “DJ ShoopD KKUL FM 06. thirteen” VLIVE radio broadcast with fellow BTS member RM (real title Kim Namjoon), who described the music as “very good for using.” As typical, Namjoon is appropriate.

In the lead as so much as “Eight,” fans trended hashtags similar to #IUxSUGA and #EIGHTIsComing on Twitter. the power duet didn’t disappoint as fanatics seem higher than ecstatic with the discharge, which has already skyrocketed to the best possible of Melon’s charts. “Eight” is the principal digital single off IU’s upcoming comeback schedule, following the discharge of her EP Love Poem in 2019 in addition to an OST tune for Netflix’s massively trendy drama Crash touchdown on You earlier this yr.

For those who occur to haven’t already (or if in case you have and need to again, which is larger than valid), you can watch the first-rate video for “Eight” below:

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