Individuals got in the back of Hayley When David Lashed Out on MAFS Ep 9 …


The first commitment ceremony of Married at First Sight episode nine tonight was an opportunity for the cast to put out all their dirty laundry to the experts, and to their fellow couples.

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People Got Behind Hayley When David Lashed Out on MAFS Ep 9 …

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While some couples seemed rock-solid — like Cathy and Josh, and Stacey and Michael —there were plenty that seemed on flimsy ground but decided to stay on anyway. Tash was still super uninterested physically in Amanda. Poppy remained unable to reckon with a few weeks away from her kids. Aleks was over Ivan’s childishness and didn’t know if she really fancied him. Hayley and David’s massive fight took up most of the episode.

David’s complaint that he was lumped with Hayley, a “recovering drug addict and a smoker”, had her in tears, and had people online calling him out for rubbing her past in her face.

People Got Behind Hayley When David Lashed Out on MAFS Ep 9 …

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