How Did Downton Abbey finish? Right here's What to grasp ahead of staring at the film

  • Downton Abbey, the film, hits U.S. theaters on Friday, September 20 with an exhilarating solid.
  • The sequence ran for six seasons, from 2010 to 2015.
  • there have been highs, lows, and a lot of infants. but when the express and the film will not be enough, we suggest giving these books a analyze.

    For years, we welcomed creator Julian Fellowes’s Downton Abbey into our houses each Sunday evening time—along side the beloved characters performed through Michelle Dockery, Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, Joanne Froggatt, and the rest of the solid. Over the route of six seasons, we had been aware about smartly-mannered bickerments and soapy melodrama extended by way of the usage of 20th-century British aristocracy and decadent opulence. It was once a time when aid and tragedy had been delivered by means of telegram and social standing was made up our minds by the use of whether or not or not one lives above or under the staircase. secrets and techniques and scandals simmered below a shiny floor. And elegance used to be discovered at each lavish bazaar, ball, and fox hunt.

    the women had been as correct as they have been cutthroat, and the boys as dutiful as they had been abhorrent. The sprawling cast of characters and their mini and mega dramas made us chortle, cry, and elevate an eyebrow or two. We watched as our favorites fell prey to vicious sibling rivalries, plotting servants, and casualties of struggle, all between ritual tea cases and the poshest scenarios.

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    How Did Downton Abbey end? right right here's What to know sooner than staring at the movie

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    after which, to Downtonians’ dismay, Fellowes took all of it away. but despite the fact that the sequence took its bow in 2015, artful enthusiasts held out for a movie continuation. and they also got their wish. The Downton solid will ascend to the silver screen, as Downton Abbey, the film, premieres Friday, September 20 within the U.S. The narrative picks up where the sequence left off with a new storyline involving, oh, just the Queen of England.

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    How Did Downton Abbey finish? right right here's What to know ahead of observing the movie

    on the other hand with so many plots, subplots, and facet plots, it’s unattainable to remember the fact that the whole thing that occurred on the Downton Abbey property grounds. below, we’re recapping the concept events. read on for a refresher of your complete series to prep you for the big top-rated.

    center of attention choices

    Season 1: the great matter is afoot.

    the first season of Downton Abbey begins offevolved for the reason that great goes down. among the many many victims is the long run inheritor of Downton and fiancé of woman Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery), the eldest daughter of Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville), Earl of Grantham, and his American heiress spouse, Cora Crawley (Elizabeth McGovern). even if, it wasn’t various a loss, as girl Mary was hardly upset by means of news of his loss of existence. however now, discovering her a beau—and rightful heir—becomes priority primary.


    The competition for rightful heir plays out with hopefuls along with the sort Cousin Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens), the handsome Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk (Theo James), and different suitors. even supposing after Mary and Kemal interact in a tryst (single—gasp!) that simplest Mary comes out of alive, Matthew will get all of her consideration, kick-beginning the pair’s romance for the a very long time.

    in the intervening time, electrical energy is your complete rage. even if, now not everyone is a fan. “Oh, pricey, one of these glare. i think as if I were on stage at the Gaiety,” Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith), the Dowager Countess of Grantham, says. And the sibling rivalries, specifically between Mary and girl Edith Crawley (Laura Carmichael), Lord Grantham’s 2nd-born, are firmly in state of affairs.


    As for the goings-on beneath the steps, we’re offered to the service staff. There’s housemaid Gwen Dawson (Rose Leslie), who has ambitions of leaving provider for secretarial work and eventually acquired assist achieve her goal from girl Sybil Crawley (Jessica Brown Findlay), the youngest daughter of Lord Grantham, and a ladies’s rights activist.

    There’s His Lorship’s valet, Mr. John Bates (Brendan Coyle). And even supposing Bates indeed wins the love of sweetheart housemaid Anna Smith (Joanne Froggatt), he is completely the unluckiest of all of the Downton characters as he serves as punching bag for Downton villains Thomas Barrow (Robert James-Collier), a footman, and miss O’Brien (Siobhan Finneran), a woman’s maid, for episodes to come again.

    on the high of the carrier team of workers, now we have acquired Mr. Carson (Jim Carter), the longtime butler who started out at Downton at age 19, and Mrs. Hughes (Phyllis Logan), the pinnacle housekeeper who also acts head mediator when her personnel get crossways with each different.

    The season closes with a pregnant woman Grantham miscarrying because of slipping on a bar of cleaning soap strategically placed in her walkway with the aid of her sinister girl’s maid, O’Brien. Matthew rescinds his idea to Mary, and Lord Grantham proclaims that England is at conflict with Germany.

    Season 2: struggle changes individuals.

    The second season begins with Matthew combating inside the war. And though the target audience isn’t aware about the idea, we examine that he is engaged to a Londoner named Lavinia Swire (Zoe Boyle). during Lavinia’s preliminary talk over with to Downton, woman Rosamund Painswick (Samantha Bond), the sister of Lord Grantham, and woman Mary find out about of Lavinia’s scandal, non-sexual in nature, with Sir Richard Carlisle (Iain Glen).

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    Edith’s are looking for for function leads her to a farm, the place she makes out with its married owner. lady Violet and in-regulation girl Isobel Crawley (Penelope Wilton) proceed digging at one every different; woman Violet wins, as girl Isobel leaves for France. “I’m a lady, Mary. i will be able to be as opposite as I make a choice,” the dowager countess reminds.


    meanwhile, Downton Abbey turns into a convalescent home and takes in officers wounded within the fight with Sybil pulling full-on volunteer nurse accountability. It’s a high quality Tom Branson (Allen Leech), the property’s chauffeur, can’t deny. And because of this, his controversial courtship of lady Sybil starts. eventually, they get Lord Grantham’s blessing.


    Mary accepts a proposal from Sir Richard out of comfort, despite the fact that her feelings for Matthew best grow as she cares for her now-bed-ridden love. He’s house from the battle after he and William Mason (Thomas Howes), a footman, are blown up in battle. It’s an injury that leaves Matthew in brief impotent and paralyzed. Unfit to marry—or so he rationalizes—he breaks off the engagement to Lavinia. alternatively wait! Later in the season, Matthew will get his legs back and re-proposes to Lavinia.

    Reeling in newfound hope, Sybil offers in wholeheartedly to Tom. although, as melodrama would have it, their joint happiness is soon stalled. now not even Downton is resistant to the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918; girl Grantham and Lavinia every fall deeply sick. lady Grantham lives. Lavinia does no longer. And after loads ado, we indirectly get the snowy storybook idea we’ve all been ready for: Matthew and Mary are formally engaged.

    As for the workforce, new maid on the block Ethel Parks (Amy Nuttall) finds herself on the mercy of Mrs. Hughes after drowsing with a soldier who gets her pregnant. Evil Thomas, who’s residing from the warfare after a weaseled injury, will get promoted. And Bates’s tormented relationship along with his estranged spouse, Vera Bates (Maria Kennedy), takes a flip when she is revealed useless.

    After marrying his love, Anna, Bates is falsely accused and arrested for Vera’s homicide. He’s discovered guilty after a trial and thrown in prison. even supposing, all is not misplaced. The conflict is over, and Bates can combat any other day as he’s reprieved from death.

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    Season three: distress loves firm.

    The future of Downton doesn’t seem superb. We analyze that woman Grantham’s fortune is dwindling. however as a result of Matthew’s lucrative legacy from Lavinia and his modern methodology to trade, he’s in a position to modernize and keep the property. further, he invests the money Lavinia left him in Downton and turns into a joint grasp.

    lady Edith thinks she’s eventually discovered a beau in Sir Anthony Strallan (Robert Bathurst). however, his jilting her on the literal altar later in the season proves her unsuitable. It’s a devastating blow for the already-gloomy heart Crawley sister. nevertheless it leads her to a promising new suitor, writer Michael Gregson (Charles Edwards), as she takes up improving a column for The Sketch.

    girl Sybil and Tom, who’ve made their lives together off the Downton grounds, head living for woman Mary and Matthew’s wedding. It’s a good looking ceremony. but now it’s on to a fertility combat that at last ends with Mary getting pregnant.

    In a tragic flip of occasions, Sybil dies from complications all through childbirth—Tom wailing by means of her facet, us also doing the disagreeable cry at residence. the baby survives and bounce-begins a feud about whether he’s going to be “indoctrinated into the unsuitable tribe,” as father Tom needs him to be baptized Catholic.



    Thomas and O’Brien, who spent the sooner two seasons in cahoots, turn their conniving strategies on every completely different. Thomas, whose stored his sexuality a secret, makes a move on the flawed man. Mr. Carson learns of it and asks him to resign. We additionally analyze that Ethel, who was once fired from Downton, has grew to develop into to prostitution as a means to maintain her child. eventually, she will relinquish her baby to the daddy’s people, the Bryants (Kevin McNally, Christine Mackie). And after a lot pen-palling from behind bars, Bates eventually gets a smash and reunites alongside with his Anna.

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    This season moreover sees the introduction of a few americans: Shirley MacLain, who performs Martha Levinson, mother to woman Grantham. She’s a woman who slurps her soup and rubs Lord Grantham in the whole incorrect methods.


    And Lily James, who performs lady Rose MacClare, makes it recognized that she is simply right here to celebration—with married and single males. Rose will quickly come to live with the Crawleys as she and her mother don’t get along.

    To cap off the drama in season three, the writers take a detour into distress. merely after Mary offers delivery to a child boy, Matthew takes a power he’ll on no account come living from. In what may well be probably the most controversial finale of the collection, Matthew dies in bloody automotive crash. And the credit score roll.

    Season 4: secrets and techniques, secrets and tactics are so enjoyable.

    Mary spends just about the entire first episode in mourning, handiest to rejoin society by using its end. She also learns that Matthew has specific her to be his sole heiress. This, in reality, annoys Lord Grantham, and the two get prickly over Downton’s future.

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    placing adaptations aside, Mary strikes on to juggling a pair of fine-looking suitors: Anthony “Tony” Foyle (Tony Cullen), the Viscount Gillingham, and Charles Blake (Julian Ovenden).

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    Now a member of the upper-classification, Tom is having hassle becoming in. We research woman Edith is pregnant with Gregson’s child, though, unfortunately, he’s on no account truly heard from again; he goes to Munich and doesn’t return. to keep the newborn, she and girl Painswick concoct a secret plan to head to Switzerland, have the newborn, after which depart the newborn with a caring household.

    woman Violet and woman Isobel put their squabbles on hang, as Isobel cares for Violet during her illness. meanwhile, girl Rose surreptitiously takes up with a Black jazz musician named Jack Ross (Gary Carr), alternatively speedy they succumb to prejudice and wreck issues off.

    Mr. Carson finds himself in a in shape of drama with an old-fashioned good buddy. even though, unfastened ends are tied when he learns the lady they each cherished cared for him further. then again the important shocker comes by way of Anna and Lord Gillingham’s valet, Alex inexperienced (Nigel Harman).

    for the reason that others are enjoying an operatic efficiency upstairs, inexperienced violently rapes Anna downstairs. When Bates finds out, he proclaims whoever is the perpetrator is “a dull man.” When Mary finds out, she insists to Lord Gillingham he put off inexperienced in an instant. He does, but then inexperienced is revealed useless. All indications as soon as yet again degree to Mr. Bates.

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    The season finale begins offevolved with a time leap: eight months, to be exact. girl Edith is back to her spinster institution, despite the fact that she’s manipulated a plan in order that it’s essential to see her daughter. Tom and the trainer down the highway, Sarah Bunting (Daisy Lewis), are becoming great. And a slew of united states of america electorate (together with Paul Giamatti’s Harold Levinson) arrive to have fun girl Rose at a grand ball. There’s dinner, dancing, and scheming as always.

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    We conclude with Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes hand-in-hand on the seaside.

    Season 5: Love is within the air.

    It starts with Edith taking a look in on her daughter, Marigold (Karina Samms), who’s residing with tenant farmer Timothy Drewe (Andrew Scarborough). After very loads fuss, Edith and Marigold are ready are living jointly at Downtown, the veil of secrecy lifted.

    lady Mary will get cozier with Lord Gillingham. however it’s fascinated about naught, as she kisses Charles Blake in entrance of the lord but in some way offers them each the boot. Enter: Matthew Goode as Henry Talbot, Mary’s subsequent and ultimate love hobby.

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    This season, we examine oh, a lot in regards to the dowager countess. When Rose invites royal refugees to Downton, woman Violet’s saucy historical past is printed: She had an affair with Prince Kuragin (Rade Sherbedgia). they keep issues flirty except the season’s end.

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    extra, Lord Merton (Douglas Reith) proposes to Cousin Isobel, as a result of everybody desires a love story. Rose will get married to a Jewish heir named Atticus Aldridge (Matt Barber). Tom Branson chooses the Crawleys over his new arm candy, pass over Bunting, however leaves Downton anyway (cue subsequent season’s surprise cameo). woman Grantham innocently places her vows to the check, to which His Lordship shuts down with a slug fest. And Isis, Lord Grantham’s trusty sidekick pup, dies. And we. simply. can’t. anymore.

    Downstairs, Thomas tries to remedy his homosexuality with pills and electrotherapy. Mr. Moseley (Kevin Doyle) and omit Baxter (Raquel Cassidy), who spent season four getting to understand one other, make issues decent. Bates, who’s cleared of all wrongdoing in green’s dying, confesses to his murder to clear his wife, Anna, who was once jailed when a witness put her on the scene of the crime (when will this storyline be over?). And longtime colleagues Mrs. Hughes and Carson get engaged!

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    Season 6: The (happy) end is with reference to.

    “i love happy endings,” Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes recommended choice regarding the final season of his series. even supposing a couple of episodes in, that was once exhausting to tell.

    every personality surely gets his or her personal cheery conclusion wrapped with a bow, alternatively it’s not with no trudging through adversity to get there. to begin out, Downton’s future is fragile, again. lady Violet lets it slip that they is also downsizing. Thomas tries to commit suicide. And the Crawley sisters hurl profanities at each and every other in a vicious verbal smackdown.

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    On a lighter notice, Edith, who is now working her own journal, will get extreme with Herbert “Bertie” Pelham (Harry Hadden-Paton), whose marquess title means their union would ironically result in Edith to outrank her full household. After a few speed bumps (his finding out of Marigold from a spiteful Mary, for one), they marry on New 12 months’s Eve, 1925, then welcome a child of their very own.


    girl Mary also will get her personal rocky romance. After a no longer-so-polite nudge from Tom, she gives in to Henry’s attraction. the 2 marry and shortly after actually have a kid. As for the combat of siblings, Mary and Edith in the end agree to prevent fireside.

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    midway throughout the season, Lord Grantham will get bloody ill: He actually projectile-vomits blood throughout the supremely set dinner desk. He’s ok, however his ulcer wasn’t. “If that is it, darling, just take into account of that i’ve cherished you very, very a lot.” all of it makes for the goriest scene the sequence has ever viewed and a motive behind Mary to take on further Downton accountability. Later, he’ll get a model new pet.


    body of workers-good, Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes awkwardly speak about intercourse. Marital intercourse. soon after, the pair marry in a wedding that isn’t without its hiccups (the gown is all mistaken; there are not any ushers) and surprises (Tom and Sibbie are back! For excellent!). Later, Mr. Carson’s palsy moves him into an overlord location, with Thomas shifting into Carson’s butler location.

    Anna and Bates, who’ve been put all through the ringer, come out easy—and with a son. the child’s born in dramatic type: in girl Mary’s room on Edith’s marriage ceremony day. because of path. And humble housemaid Daisy (Sophie McShera), who now lives along with her needless husband’s father, will get a Clara Bow-like haircut.

    ultimately, each person finds their Prince Charming. The property is in excellent fingers. Bundles of pleasure abound. And the solid expertise a spherical of “Auld Lang Syne.” but it surely’s girl Violet Crawley who will get the final word. consistent with both going forward or living in the past, the dowager countess smirks, “If best we had the choice.”

    See Downton Abbey Friday, September 20.

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