Hong Kong protests – rebellion police retake parliament after firing tear fuel to clear crowds


Campaigners passed the uk govt a letter on Monday worrying additional rights for the residents of Hong Kong who’ve British passports.

A small demonstration was once held outside Britain’s parliament as Hong Kong residents entreated lawmakers to present them a right to remain in Britain.

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Hong Kong protests: rebel police retake parliament after firing tear fuel to clear crowds

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“making an allowance for that there are so many issues taking place in Hong Kong, we predict that human rights, press freedom, freedom of speech etcetera, are all below possibility,” Karl Lee, a 32-three hundred and sixty five days-earlier protester, talked about. “which is why many people are taking into consideration of relocating to the united kingdom.”

With many younger individuals searching for routes out of Hong Kong, the campaigners say Britain must trade the standing of the British nationwide (in another country) passport, a category created after Britain lower again Hong Kong to China.

Hong Kong protests: riot police retake parliament after firing tear gas to clear crowds

though the class permits passport holders to consult with the uk for 6 months, they don’t come with an computerized correct to live or work in the UK.

The protesters in London chanted “we don’t seem to be chinese language language, we are British,” and Mr  Lee mentioned the current system for passport holders was as soon as unfair.

“because of this we’re urging the British govt to do one thing to both rectify the problem or facilitate some of us who need to relocate right here,” he said.