December 7, 2022

Homeland Season 8 Episode 12 Series Finale Mandy Patinkin Claire Danes

‘hometown’ Review – Collection Finale Sticks To Its Guns And Offers Two

Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon’s ending pushes Carrie and Saul’s ideological variations to a breaking point — before arguing we desire them each.

[Editors understand: the next assessment includes spoilers for the “native land” collection finale — Season 8, Episode 12, “Prisoners of warfare” — along with the ending.]

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‘place of birth’ evaluate: series Finale Sticks to Its weapons and gives Two …

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Carrie Mathison, a spy to the highest. After eight years spent inside a hair on Saul’s beard of being fired, getting killed, or leaving the CIA behind as soon as and for all, the “fatherland” finale sees Claire Danes’ patriotic-at-all-prices intelligence officer trade into the very factor she first got down to expose: a double agent.

Given the episode title “Prisoners of combat” (a nod to Gideon Raff’s Israeli sequence on which “place of origin” was once based) and framed by the use of Nicolas Brody’s confessional video, when Damian Lewis restates his persona’s oath to defend the united states from threats international and domestic, “homeland” built its ending (and whole ultimate season) round evaluating Carrie to the recovered P.O.W. who would change into the daddy of her teen.

After seven months underneath Russian interrogation, had she, like Brody, grown to become? No. on the other hand after seven years of seeing the sphere with Brody, using him, and after him, Carrie stopped believing throughout the device, in her govt, to do what’s the right kind. Season eight saw Carrie counting on the Russians to lend a hand, and her trust used to be again and again rewarded. in the interim, the sick-geared up and idiotic American president (sound acquainted?)

Kept hanging her and everyone else in hurt’s manner, ceaselessly on the behest of his right-wing, proper-hand man, John Zabel (Hugh Dancy, aka Mr. Claire Danes). Saul (Mandy Patinkin) stored having a look to work through appropriate channels, negotiating for peace in Washington and the center East, however, any hope of success went down with the president’s helicopter oh so many episodes ago.

‘hometown’ assessment: sequence Finale Sticks to Its weapons and provides Two …

All of this set Carrie and Saul on a collision course that paid off in a stunning, effective, and belief-frightening ending; one that let its two stars go head-to-head without tearing them aside or betraying their core values. “homeland” drew enough parallels to these days’ situation and its unique post-9-11 worldview without betraying its persona-first ethos and lengthy-view on historic crises. Trusting Mathison and Patinkin, two fierce, commanding Emmy winners, to carry an episode is an effective start, however, the finale additionally relied on what director Lesli Linka Glatter talked about as a “quintessential ‘fatherland’ scene”: pitting two people with definitely opposing views, who’re each proper, in opposition to every different.

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Best as a substitute of it being one scene, “fatherland” raised the stakes over a full episode — with a somewhat bit assist from “the great situation” (ok, sufficient, and Philippa Foot). Carrie, determined to forestall a nuclear fight inside the middle East, argues to break the vows which have dictated  CIA procedure for many years: She needs to give up an asset.

Saul, an old-school secret agent, and righteous protector refuses to surrender his Russian agent. “no particular person particular individual is neatly definitely worth the lives of tens of hundreds — lots of lots!” Carrie pleads with Saul. “She is,” Saul says in return. They’ve each heard this argument earlier, and they usually every recognize where they stand.

Carrie and Saul are on the reverse ends of The Trolley problem. Carrie argues that killing one particular individual they consider is valuable in saving the lives of many they don’t; Saul argues he can’t live with killing the one specific particular person he swore to give protection to and believes it’s higher to let what happens to occur. (Albeit with the caveat that Saul will are trying every unsuitable manner he can to stop the trolley before it hits these people.)

Homeland Season 8 Episode 12 Series Finale Mandy Patinkin Claire Danes

Mandy Patinkin and Claire Danes in “homeland”

Erica Parise /

“Prisoners of struggle” sees every one of them dig off their heels. Saul refuses to surrender his assets determine, even when loss of life is a needle prick away. Carrie doesn’t kill him, on the other hand, she makes use of his sister to get what she needs anyway, acquiring the agent’s title (Anna), and selling it to the Russians in trade for public affirmation of the president’s loss of life was an accident, and forcing the trigger-happy White house to face down from its retaliatory plans.

(That she additionally saved herself from going thru trial for the president’s assassination goes unmentioned, considering Carrie’s unsanctioned group of workers-up with the Russians have already made it unattainable for her to ever return residence.)

Therein lies the tragedy and the hope of “fatherland’s” final coda. With the world saved, the finale flashes ahead two years for its last 10 minutes. Carrie resides in Moscow with Yevgeny Gromov (Costa Ronin), the Russian undercover agent who helped her stop a battle.

She’s nonetheless working in intelligence, consistent with the submit-it notes and magazine articles plastering her administrative center, but she doesn’t have her daughter. Frannie continues to be in us, the position her mother can’t go, a tod Carrie appears to have made her peace with the trade. She took a photograph together with her when she used to be as soon as closing in the USA, figuring out she’d by no means be capable of coming again, and it sits in the middle of her desk.

After years of debate over whether or not Carrie will have a considerable non-public existence, the finale posits she will be able to. Frannie is long past. In many ways, she was once the one particular person Carrie gave up to retail those many strangers, simply as Carrie was once the one person Saul refused to let go.

As a retired, submit-coronary heart assault Saul opens his surprising bundle to show Carrie’s upcoming book — “Tyranny of secrets and techniques and tactics: Why I needed to Betray My u . s .,” which is simply wow, what a title — he pulls a message out of the binding.

It’s from Carrie. She’s got intel that will ship down the logo new Russian protection system, and she or he’s going to inform him how soon. most likely, that’s the guidelines she is going to get while taking a rest room damage through jazz reside performance with Yevgeny. (Carrie does love her jazz.) She’s no longer performed. She’s no longer out of life.

She’s traded spots with Saul’s Russian mole, sacrificing her existence in America to be a double agent in Russia and repaying her debt to Anna in the course. And that’s how she’ll dwell out the remainder of her days: slipping state secrets and techniques and techniques to Saul, within the hopes of combating any longer world incidents.

Homeland Series Finale claire danes mandy patinkin ending

Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin in “native land”

Erica Parise / Showtime

For a 2d, it might feel like a “place of origin” is having its cake and consuming it, too. Carrie confronted her most difficult resolution ever (smartly, as an alternative to that point she tried to kill Saul), and misplaced what she was once at all times prepared to sacrifice: her lifestyle.

Saul held his floor and adopted his rules, shedding every of his most critical working relationships throughout. As we are saying goodbye to “hometown,” these two spies just preserve going. However, that’s the beauty of “native land’s” lasting message: inside the immortal words of Chidi Anagonye, “That’s what’s so great in regards to the Trolley downside — there’s no proper resolution.”

And, sure, this is the reason everyone hates moral philosophy professors, it’s moreover why “fatherland” persevered for eight seasons. Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, along with an important team of workers of writers, producers, and administrators (the latter of which was once led with the aid of the good Lesli Linka Glatter), refused to supply choices to considerations without any.

Carrie Mathison is a patriot, a woman of principles, and an undercover agent. There’s one thing deep inside her that elevates these elements of her identity to the forefront, they usually’re now not characteristics that may be no longer mentioned. to produce her a in easy phrases satisfied ending would’ve rung false.

To supply her a tragic one would’ve been too simple. “hometown” desires to problem its target market to imagine unattainable choices, simply as its characters do, and the gathering revealed one ultimate take a look at to just do that. there may be additionally no right resolution, on the other hand, this was once a beautiful damn concerning the right kind ending.

Grade: B+

“place of birth” is available to stream in its entirety by way of Showtime.

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