Gyro Drop – Watch Real videos of the ride After pretend Goes Viral

Gyro Drop


a fake video of the trip “Gyro Drop” from Lotte World South Korea went viral on Thursday and had a lot of people fooled.

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Gyro Drop: Watch Real movies of the experience After fake Goes Viral

The video used to be doctored with CGI to make the trip look far more terrifying and progressive than it in truth is. The video displays an extendable arm that doubles the size of the drop. The seats of the ride then drop down, attached by way of extendable bungee ropes, and transform swings because the journey rotates in circles before retracting riders again up and shedding them straight down.

The video was posted everywhere social media from huge influencers who have been fooled by way of the slick CGI. It was once posted past in the day by way of @Mewcg and @wonwoobabie and went viral from there.

Gyro Drop: Watch Real videos of the trip After pretend Goes Viral

Gyro Drop is an exact journey, but the truth is much much less thrilling.

the first outcome on YouTube is the faux viral video but the rest of the consequences are of the particular trip. The seats do rotate because the ride strikes upward however it does not have the extendable pole and bungee seats which can be in the viral video.

while some people had been fooled, most customers on social media fast found out that the video was doctored.

It’s now not clear who exactly where the CGI video originated or who precisely produced it however the results are spectacular.