March 26, 2023

Four Hundred Northampton Kids Costume Up As Alice In

The entire school posed for their photograph in the playground today as they took a trip down the rabbit hole and into wonderland. Pictures by Kirsty Edmonds. Copyright: jpimedia

There appeared to be something a little different about the children at Kingsthorpe Grove Primary School today…

About hundred
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Four hundred Northampton children dress up as Alice in …

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The 480 children were allowed to put their usual blue uniforms to one side so they could put on their most favourite costume and mimic characters from Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland.

Today, for those who don’t know, it’s World Book Day, where every child in full-time education in the UK is given a £1 voucher to spend on books in a bid to get children into reading.

Four hundred Northampton children dress up as Alice in …

School receptionist Mel Roberts, year four teacher Sharon Pancoust and year one teacher Danielle Beeston posing as their favourite fairytale characters in the school entrance. Pictures by Kirsty Edmonds. Copyright: jpimedia

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The Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter and Alice herself came to life as staff and teachers also joined in the fun.

Headteacher Alison Dolan, who was dressed as Alice, said: “The theme is Alice in Wonderland and we are trying to promote reading, reading for pleasure and reading at home.

“We decided to go for the theme of Alice in Wonderland this year… and we went large.

“We didn’t have any hot dinners today and children didn’t bring in packed lunches, instead we had a tea party in every classroom so the book fitted really well because there was a tea party in the book.”

Can you spot yourself in the photograph? Pictures by Kirsty Edmonds. Copyright: jpimedia

Last night (Wednesday) staff spent hours decorating the school in theme with Alice in Wonderland and transformed the entrance hall, which was dressed with playing cards and the Mad Hatters tea party table.

Alison added: “The children have been decorating their classroom doors throughout the day – there’s a door competition and they’ve been designing book marks as part of a national competition.

“We also had a ‘Big Booky Breakfast’ this morning so families and children came in to enjoy croissants, pain au chocolat and juice.

“We then shared books in the hall, which was really nice, and we’ve had assemblies throughout the day for different year groups. It’s the literacy leads who have done all the work for it, it has been their idea and it has been really special.”

All classrooms each decorated their own doors today as part of an in-school competition. Pictures by Kirsty Edmonds. Copyright: jpimedia

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