March 26, 2023

Former TTC CEO Andy Byford Resigns As NY City Movement Arch

Former TTC CEO Andy Byford has stepped down as the head of New York City’s train and transport group after dual years on the job.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) done a proclamation Thursday.

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Former TTC CEO Andy Byford resigns as New York City movement Arch

About Byford
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“Andy Byford will be vacating New York City Transit after a successful dual years of use and we appreciate him for his work,” MTA Chairman and CEO Patrick Foye pronounced in a statement. “Andy was instrumental in relocating a complement forward, enacting a successful Subway Action Plan and securing record collateral appropriation with a Governor and a Legislature, and we wish him good in his subsequent chapter.”

Byford did not contend because he was leaving, but there had been tensions, particularly with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who mostly controls a MTA, a group that includes a subways Byford oversaw.

Former TTC CEO Andy Byford resigns as New York City movement arch …

Byford pronounced in a matter he was beholden for a event to conduct adult North America’s largest movement system.

“I’m really unapproachable of what we have achieved as a group over a past dual years and we trust New York City Transit is well-placed to continue a brazen swell now that a MTA has a record violation $51.5 billion Capital Program in place,” he said.

Byford was a CEO of a TTC for 5 years before to his pierce to New York in 2018.

According to a New York Daily News, a city’s exploding transport complement has seen extreme improvements given Byford’s arrival.

His depart comes 3 months after Byford released a letter of abdication that he after rescinded, a journal reported.

Byford also picked adult a nickname “train daddy” during his time in New York — something he eventually embraced.

When he started during a TTC in 2011, Byford pronounced he satisfied a movement complement indispensable to get behind to basics. That fulfilment led to a five-year devise introduced in 2013.

Byford pronounced his achievements in Toronto enclosed some-more arguable vehicles, a intelligent label system, modernization of a TTC fleet, 50 new streetcars and four-year contracts negotiated with TTC unions in 2014.

Originally from Plymouth, England, Byford came to a TTC  from Sydney, Australia, where he was arch handling officer for Rail Corporation New South Wales.

Before that, he hold several positions with rail operators in a United Kingdom, including general manager of a London Underground.

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