Dennis Quaid, sixty five, publicizes engagement to Laura Savoie, 26


Actor Dennis Quaid, of such latest fare as A canine’s experience and A dog’s goal, announced his engagement to Laura Savoie, a 26-12 months-previous college of Texas scholar, on Monday.

After simply 4 months of relationship, Quaid, sixty five, popped the query whereas the couple have been in Hawaii.

About Dennis
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Dennis Quaid, sixty five, pronounces engagement to Laura Savoie, 26

About Quaid,

“It took place on the very northernmost level of Oahu, at Turtle Bay,” Quaid shared with extra just hours after the sunset proposal. “It used to be kind of spontaneous. It was very a lot a shock. I had the ring in my pocket. …. It has been roughly a month-and-a-half of plan. … i needed it to be non-public.”

He delivered, “She was once if truth be told taking a selfie of us, and that i put the ring in entrance and mentioned, ‘Will you marry me?’ — and then she fell down.”

Dennis Quaid, sixty five, publicizes engagement to Laura Savoie, 26

This marks Quaid’s fourth possible marriage. He was in the past married to actress P.J. Soles (1978-1983); Meg Ryan, with whom he shares son Jack Quaid (1991-2001); and Kimberly Buffington, with whom he shares twins Thomas and Zoe (2004-2018).

He was once also as soon as briefly engaged to actress Lea Thompson, who quipped on Twitter concerning the information, “She was -10 when I used to be engaged to him.”

The four-decade age difference between Quaid and Savoie created fairly a reaction on social media. though none better than Elaine Hendrix’s, who performed Meredith Blake, Nick Parker’s (Quaid) 26-year-old gold-digging fiancée on 1998’s The mum or dad entice. Spoiler alert: The pair’s characters didn’t closing lengthy collectively when his twin daughters caught wind of her true intentions.

Hendrix gave the news a retweet, writing, “be careful for those twins.”

That said, mazel!