March 31, 2023

The UFC president Dana White, who has confronted criticism for pushing ahead with events through the Covid-19 epidemic, says he plans to host fights on a private island.

While, however, just a few sports activities leagues around the globe have shut down right through the pandemic, White has insisted he desires UFC 249, scheduled for 18 April, to head in advance. The adventure was presupposed to be headlined by undefeated light-weight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in opposition to Tony Ferguson.

Then again, Nurmagomedov said he would now not go away from quarantine in Russia to fight, presumably due to the truth that he can have hassle getting into us all over the Covid-19 lockdown. Ferguson will now face Justin Gaethje, despite the fact that White said an individual island might lend a hand to warring parties having trouble getting into the USA.

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Dana White plans to host UFC 249 on a personal island all through …

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“I’ll let you know this; I’m this with reference to getting a deal carried out,” White said. “So, this place, the place this combat goes to be on 18 April, I’ve locked up for two months, so I’m going to continue to pump fights out. I additionally secured an island. I’ve acquired an island. The infrastructure is being constructed right now. We’re going to do all of our international flights on this island.

“So, when we do this struggle 18 April, world and in us, we’ll begin cranking. The UFC will probably be again up and operating, internationally and right here in the States.”

Dana White plans to host UFC 249 on a non-public island through …

There will likely be no residing target market at UFC 249. White did not name the island he plans to use as a venue. “well being and security is one thing we worry about all the time, not simply right through the coronavirus,” White said. “clearly, this has made our jobs slightly tougher, but we’re going to do everything above and past to verify everyone is secure, we always do. a variety of things might be different.”

White did not specify whether warring parties would be tested for Covid-19 sooner than competing. “I’m ready to get back,” White mentioned. “you keep folks in their houses for too lengthy without leisure, individuals are going to start dropping their minds. And we need to begin figuring out solutions. That’s what we’re doing. We’re going to maintain everyone secure, and we’re going to pull this thing off.”

White’s plan will not be multiple to at least one proposed through Australia’s NRL. The rugby league competition has checked out plans to host the entire season on an island 40km off the coast of Queensland.


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