Damian Lillard gets Engaged to female friend Kay'La Hanson at NBA All …


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Damian Lillard had to sit out All-Star Weekend festivities due to a groin injury, but he still made the weekend trip to Chicago special.

On top of an All-Star Saturday rap performance, Lillard proposed to longtime girlfriend Kay’La Hanson over the weekend. 

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Damian Lillard Gets Engaged to Girlfriend Kay'La Hanson at NBA All …

About Lillard
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Hanson and Lillard have been dating since their time at Weber State. The couple has a child, Damian Jr., who was born in 2018.

Lillard shared a photo of the family Friday ahead of Valentine’s Day on Instagram.

Damian Lillard Gets Engaged to Girlfriend Kay'La Hanson at NBA All …

According to Jamie Hudson of NBC Sports, former teammates Evan Turner and Tim Frazier and rapper Common were in attendance at the celebration.