He’s polarising and out there at the best of times – but AFL personality Sam Newman has gone to some bizarre lengths to see golf return in Victoria.

Unlike NSW where you can still play golf socially during the COVID-19 crisis, Victoria decided to close golf courses across the state.

About Coronavirus:

Coronavirus: Sam Newman’s bizarre plea to see golf return

About Newman’s

And Newman isn’t happy, taking to the steps of Parliament House and deciding to play some golf there.

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Coronavirus: Sam Newman’s bizarre plea to see golf return

“I’m going to respectfully ask him why can’t we go on to a golf course, social distance, and play golf?” he said on Twitter.

“I’m going to stand here for an hour or so, and if he hears that I am here I’ll put a ball marker down with a GPS for social distancing and ask him – why in God’s name can’t Victorians play golf?

“I’m going to ring him, he’s bound to take my call…I might do a bit of putting.”

There are plenty of words you could use to describe the above video.

The former Geelong star is known for his outgoing antics, and we’ll keep you posted on whether or not his plan to get golf back worked.