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BREAKING – Roxy Jacenko's exhibit used to be a humiliating scores flop


The spotlight-chasing socialite crashes and burns in TV ratings

If any publicity is good publicity, PR queen Roxy Jacenko might be thrilled today, after her reality TV pilot, I Am Roxy scored decidedly tepid ratings last night.


BREAKING: Roxy Jacenko's show was a humiliating ratings flop

About Jacenko's

The spotlight-chasing socialite – a long-time fixation of certain eastern-suburbs-dwelling members of the Sydney media, but not really anyone else in the country – failed to translate her endless column inches into massive ratings, with the show only scoring an anaemic 399,000 viewers in the 5 city metro ratings.

Embarrassingly, the show lost nearly half of its substantial lead-in audience from hit reality show, The Bachelor – mostly the same demographic Roxy’s show was designed and expected to attract. It was even beaten in the ratings by hoary old game show Millionaire Hot Seat

BREAKING: Roxy Jacenko's show was a humiliating ratings flop

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The ratings result also followed a massive publicity blitz not afforded to any of the other shows from Ten’s Pilot Week. 

Other shows from the scheme have got similarly uninspiring figures, with Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians earning 254,000 in the 5-city metro ratings, and Part Time Private Eyes scoring 344,000 – as well as considerably better social media buzz than Roxy’s show.

Last year, Kyle Sandilands’ Trial By Kyle pilot earned 385,000 and was still picked up for series, giving Roxy some degree of hope. Ratings have so far been a very poor measure of whether Ten picks up pilots, with Rove McManus’ Bring Back Saturday Night pilot green lit for a (very short-lived) series despite a truly dire ratings result of 203,000 last year. 

Roxy’s result follows in a long line of local celebs who’ve tried – and failed – to successfully float reality shows, including the likes of Lara Bingle and Brynne Edelsten.

Despite the tepid ratings, the upside for attention-loving Roxy is that #IAmRoxy was at least trending on Twitter last night, with some feedback making comparisons to Keeping up with the Kardashians. But plenty more were far less kind.

Wrote one viewer: ‘We’re 7 minutes in and I’m calling it. This is the worst show to grace our screens so far this year.’

Another succinctly added: ‘I refuse to watch that sh*t!’

Musician Bob Evans criticised Roxy’s parenting skills, saying: ‘Whilst I am deeply embarrassed to admit I just watched this steaming pile of turd of a show I am however feeling much better about myself as a parent #IAmRoxy.’

Another watcher added: ‘Thanks to #IAmRoxy all the dishes are done, washing’s on the line and I put away 3 baskets of clothes. Great motivation to step away from the TV.’

But the wave of contempt didn’t end there.

‘If vile Roxy Jacenko and her equally facile husband Oliver’s primary interests in life – buying handbags and shoes – are representative of the average peep’s concerns, then I can’t wait for #ClimateChange to wipe out our cretinous species!’ one ranted.

‘Superficiality personified,’ another tweeted.

Opined yet another: ‘Watching Roxy Jacenko is like watching a Chris Lilley special except she is real and not a character.’

Petra Starke ?? on Twitter

‘This show is a masterclass in money not being able to buy class,’ another said.

The show was the subject of a massive media blitz yesterday, not that it helped much.

Speaking to KIIS 1065’s Kyle and Jackie O, Roxy shared she gives her two young kids Pixie and Hunter coffees.

‘You know what, look, my life is very different,’ Roxy explained. ‘I get home at like seven o’clock at night which is basically when most kids of their age, Pixie’s eight and Hunter’s five, are in bed.

‘Well they stay up with me and Oli because they want to spend that time with us. You know, if you’re a stay at home mum you have the opportunity to be with them from school pick up to when they go to bed, I don’t have that opportunity. So my kids hours are very different to those of anyone else.’

Roxy admitted Pixie and Hunter will stay up until 11pm. 

‘They have a skim mochas of a morning if they need a light pick-me-up,’ Roxy confessed. ‘School fees are expensive. I need them to stay awake at their desks not fall asleep.

‘I would rather give them a skim mocha with some milk rather than a coca-cola,’ she added.

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