Boomers beat Czech Republic to reach first basketball World Cup semi-remaining

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By Murray Wenzel

September 12, 2019 — 1.05am

Patty Mills has blazed Australia into their first basketball World Cup semi-final, starring again as the Boomers beat the Czech Republic 82-70 in China.

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Boomers beat Czech Republic to reach first basketball World Cup semi-final

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The shooting guard finished with 24 points and six rebounds, 13 points coming in the first quarter in Shanghai where both teams struggled early but Australia flourished late.


Boomers beat Czech Republic to reach first basketball World Cup semi-final


Andrew Bogut (10 points on five-of-six shooting) played his best game of the tournament, turning the game in Australia’s favour in a decisive third term.

It means a rematch with Spain in Bejing on Friday for a spot in Sunday’s final, the Spanish having denied the Boomers a bronze medal with a one-point win at Rio’s 2016 Olympics.


“We remember that game; we’ve held that for three years,” Bogut said, folowing Wednesday night’s win.

“Spoke about it numerous times, and it still hurts today.

“We have a chance to salvage that in a couple days.”

And he said that salvage act had only come about because of losses like their brutal one in Brazil.

“I learned a long time ago, especially in Rio, if you look ahead in these tournaments, you shoot yourself in the foot,” he said.

Andrew Bogut, right, played his best game of the tournament.

Andrew Bogut, right, played his best game of the tournament.Credit:Getty Images

“This is the kind of game we would’ve lost years ago.

“We thought we accomplished something coming into a game like this, and we would’ve squandered it.”

Awaiting the winner in the decider will be one of France and Argentina, after both teams managed huge quarter-final upsets to oust the United States and Serbia respectively.

It marks the first time in a World Cup that neither the US or Serbia – or formerly Yugoslavia – haven’t featured in the final four.

With 17 of their top NBA players pulling out of the roster in the build-up to the tournament in China, the US lacked depth but their coach Gregg Popovich, the winner of five NBA titles with the San Antonio Spurs, refused to make excuses.

‘‘It is a disrespectful notion to even bring something like that up,’’ Popovich told a news conference.

‘‘To say ‘hey you guys didn’t have this guy or that guy’, that’s disrespectful to France or whoever else is in the tournament. France beat us.

‘‘It doesn’t matter who is on the team. I couldn’t be more proud of these 12 guys who sacrificed their summer having never played together before.

‘‘They put themselves in the arena and competed. They deserve credit for that just like France deserve credit for winning. It’s not about ‘the United States didn’t have their other guys’. There is no such thing as ‘other guys’.’’

The Boomers lent heavily on Mills in the first half, but made six first-quarter turnovers to allow the plucky Czech side into the contest.

Australia are through to the World Cup semi-final with a starring performance from Patty Mills, left.

Australia are through to the World Cup semi-final with a starring performance from Patty Mills, left.Credit:Getty Images

Mills kept firing away in the third before his assist for a Jock Landale dunk made it a five-point game.

Lock down defence on the next play led to a Chris Goulding triple and they were finally up and about.

Bogut then made plays at both ends to dull the boos, the Australians in the crowd responding with ‘Andrew Bogut’ chants of their own.

Goulding then hit two more triples, with Tomas Satoransky’s (13 points, 13 assists, nine rebounds) dunk on the buzzer making it a 15-point game at the final break.


It quickly became an eight-point game but a time-out was followed by an Aron Baynes left-hand alley-oop to stop the run, and Bogut made a series of lay-ups to ensure the Boomers collected a sixth-straight Cup win.

Following the win, Australian coach Andrej Lemanis said the pain that had driven the Boomers since their Olympic bronze medal loss to Spain needed no mention as the sides prepared to meet on Friday.

“I don’t think it needs to be brought up and spoken about specifically, ’cause everyone’s aware of it,” he said.

“In many ways I think that hurt has driven just the passion and focus for this particular tournament and the commitment to it.

“And one of the first things I heard when I walked back into the locker room was ‘Job’s not done yet’.”


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