Black Widow trailer throws Scarlett Johansson again into MCU motion


Surprise! The Black Widow trailer is here. We thought we might have to wait until the upcoming Comic-Con in Brazil for our first peek at the next Marvel Cinematic Universe thriller (and Phase 4 opener), which is also this Avenger’s first solo adventure. Turns out it’s here, right now. And you can watch it right away!


Black Widow appears to have a real spy movie vibe. 

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Black Widow trailer throws Scarlett Johansson back into MCU action

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Looks… good? Really good actually. As you might expect, this Cate Shortland-directed movie seems very much like a spy flick starring Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow (also known as Natasha Romanoff), with car chases and on-foot scarpers across claustrophobic city spaces. Very Jason Bourne, Mission Impossible, James Bond. This is a good thing. 


We got a new poster along with the trailer.

Black Widow trailer throws Scarlett Johansson back into MCU action

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But of course, the whole superhero thing plays a part. We get some flashbacks to other MCU movies, there’s a slick looking fight between Natasha and Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova (who also holds the Black Widow codename), and a battle with supervillain Taskmaster. We also meet Rachel Weisz’s Melina (another Black Widow!).

“I’ve lived a lot of lives, but I’m done running from my past,” says Natasha.

David Harbour from Stranger Things is not a Black Widow — he makes his first appearance as Red Guardian, the Russian version of Captain America. He’s not quite in the same shape as Chris Evans, but it already looks like he’s going to steal every scene he’s in.

In terms of MCU timeline placement, this movie happens after Captain America: Civil War (long before the events of Avengers: Endgame).

Can’t wait to see more. It comes out May 1, 2020.

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