Black reflect is again – with Fleabag's priest Andrew Scott


important factors of the emblem new collection of Black replicate had been announced – and Fleabag fanatics can be extraordinarily pleased.

The fifth day trip of Charlie Brooker’s award-winning dystopia show off will smartly-known individual Andrew Scott, the priest and love hobby from the 2nd and shutting sequence of Fleabag. The trailer, launched as of late, presentations Scott taking part in a character incensed with the help of a society which is perilously hooked on know-how, who finally ends up going down a rampage that culminates in a shootout with police.

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Black replicate is again – with Fleabag's priest Andrew Scott

About Fleabag's

Miley Cyrus will superstar as a crimson-wigged pop well-known individual of the long term in an episode that seems to be about fandom and the Alexa of the following day – a doll who also wears a crimson wig, and who’s described as ‘a poison’ infiltrating a youthful girl’s residence.

Avengers: Endgame giant identify Anthony Mackie will appear in the zero.33 of the brand new episodes, a number of man deeply sad alongside together with his dwelling setup and on the lookout for an outlet in tech.

Black replicate is back – with Fleabag's priest Andrew Scott

it’s going to be the principle full assortment of Black replicate for the reason that 2017, although the standalone select-your-non-public-travel episode, Bandersnatch – whereby viewers needed to make picks for the lead character about the entire thing from which cereal to devour to whether to bludgeon his father to death – was once the shock television hit of Christmas 2018. It used to be hailed all the way through the Guardian’s tv critic, Lucy Mangan, as ‘a gamechanger’ and the start of a brand new style, but did not win the 2019 Bafta award for highest Single Drama.

Black replicate will return on Netflix on 5 June.