March 24, 2023

Before her long-awaited debut album when we ALL go to sleep, where can we GO? arrives on Mar. 29, Billie Eilish has shared any other style of what they are expecting from the venture.

The newly launched “wish you have been homosexual” follows “bury a chum,” which has already accumulated an impressive 72 million views on YouTube with its horror-impressed video.

About Billie
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Billie Eilish Releases a New observation “wish you have been homosexual”

About Eilish
Éilis (stated A-list) is the Irish type of the title Hebrew kind ‘Elisheva’ which means that “My God is an oath” or “My God is abundance,” as rendered within the Septuagint; the English analog is Elizabeth.
Éilis anglicized is Eilish (and still suggested A-Lish)
remarkable folks with the name embrace Billie Eilish and Irish author Éilís Ní Dhuibhne.

Talking about the new music with Zane Lowe, Eilish defined, “With ‘want you had been homosexual,’ it can be like, it can be selfish music. it’s a goofy, selfish funny story, you know?” The song was firstly regarded online months before its official unlocks, with Eilish teasing it using her Instagram on a previous Livestream. “it’s like I wish for my own sake that you didn’t like me since you do not like women. not because it can be anything to do with me. do not fret. it can be now not non-public in any respect. this is because I don’t like any girls at all in the whole world.”

take heed to “want you were homosexual’ above, and take a look at Eilish to go Sneaker purchasing with complex below.

Billie Eilish Releases a New observation “want you have been gay”


the discharge of the track additionally coincides with a brand new quick video produced by YouTube track in which Eilish speaks concerning the concept process at the back of the lyrics. Up to now did a similar phase on her track “bury a chum,” which can be considered here.

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