Antonio Brown has confronted the felony system before


The NFL wide receiver, who denies the allegations in a federal lawsuit filed on Tuesday by a woman who used to train him, has been the subject of a number of other accusations since early 2018.

A lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County in 2018 alleged that Brown had inflicted emotional distress on a 22-month-old child in April of 2018. According to the lawsuit, the child was walking with his grandfather and was almost hit by furniture, including “two very large vases” and “a large, heavy ottoman” that Brown allegedly threw from the balcony of his condo unit. The lawsuit was settled in July of 2019, with a “charitable contribution” to be made to a Florida Prepaid College fund for the child, according to the order approving the settlement of the minor’s claim.

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Antonio Brown has faced the legal system before

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In November of 2018, Antonio Brown was cited by police in Ross Township, Pennsylvania for reckless driving. He later pleaded guilty to driving at unsafe speeds and was sentenced in May of this year, according to a docket from the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas. Brown paid a fine and had two points taken off his driver’s license, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Domestic dispute report

Antonio Brown has faced the legal system before

Here’s how Antonio Brown’s tumultuous summer has gone

In January of this year, the mother of one of Antonio Brown’s children reported a domestic dispute to the Hollywood, Florida, police department. According to a police report, the woman claimed that Brown “pushed her out of the doorway” causing her “to fall backwards to the ground” when she demanded he give her money to reimburse her for their daughter’s hair appointment. No charges were filed. The NFL said in February it would investigate the incident, according to the USA Today.

Unpaid therapy accusation

On July 31st of this year, physio and biomechanics expert Sean Pena filed a claim with the Alameda County Small Claims Court, alleging that Brown owed him $7,194.81 for “unpaid therapy and training services; agreed-upon reimbursement for hotels, airfare, rental car and mis fees” among other things, according to the claim. Brown’s attorney, Darren Heitner, declined to comment on this matter.

Wrongful termination accusation

In August, Stefano Tedeschi, also known as the “Sports Chef,” sued Brown in Osceola County, Florida, court on charges including breach of contract. According to court documents, Tedeschi agreed to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for Brown, his family and friends at a rental property in Reunion, Florida, during the NFL’s Pro Bowl weekend in January 2018. The lawsuit alleges that Brown wrongfully terminated the contract during that weekend and would not allow Tedeschi to retrieve his equipment and leftover food. Tedeschi is seeking $38,521. Brown’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit this month