March 26, 2023

Airport employees have their JobKeeper funds cancelled after closing

Airport Employees Have Their JobKeeper Funds Cancelled After Closing

Many workers at Melbourne Airport have had their Job Keeper payments cancelled after the last-minute change to the scheme’s eligibility requirements and

Under changes made to the JobKeeper payment on May 1st, 3AW Mornings understands employees working for companies which are owned or partially owned by foreign governments are ineligible for the payment.

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Airport workers have their JobKeeper payments cancelled after last …

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The Rumour File was tipped off to the change this morning, and Neil Mitchell has today been contacted by several affected workers.

Employees who work for Emirates Leisure Retail Australia, Dnata, and Cabin Services Australia, all of which are partially owned by the Dubai government, are among those impacted.

Airport workers have their JobKeeper payments cancelled after last …

In a media release, the Transport Workers’ Union said 5,500 workers at Dnata alone are likely to be affected by the change.

Erin, who works at Hudsons Coffee at Melbourne Airport, which is owned by Emirates Leisure Retail Australia, said she had already received one JobKeeper payment before the backflip.

“Yesterday we got an email from our human resources team saying we won’t be receiving JobKeeper payments anymore,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“I’d actually received one payment last week, and we’re unsure if we have to give it back.

“I’ve got no work at all.”

Peter said his wife, who works for Cabin Services Australia, has also received news she is now ineligible for the JobKeeper payment.

“These Australians who have been paying Australian taxes have been left out in the cold,” he said.

Meanwhile, Laurie, who works for catering company, Dnata, said his payment has also been cut off.

“I had only one day [of work] for the entire of last month,” he told Neil Mitchell.

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