December 7, 2022
7 Inspirational Tweets About Martin Luther King Jr. On the anniversary Of His Assassination

On the anniversary Of His Assassination

By using Victoria Rodriguez2019-04-04 21:01:23 UTC

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7 Inspirational Tweets About Martin Luther King Jr. On The Anniversary Of His Assassination

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Fifty years in the past as of late, Martin Luther King Jr. used to be assassinated at a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. however, he continues to encourage alternate and empower folks to fight injustice.
On the anniversary of his assassination, you are likely to see more of his charges than ordinary, which in fact, is inspiring. but it will be important to keep in mind to head beyond the tweets and shares and put those phrases into action.

7 inspirational tweets about Martin Luther King Jr. on the anniversary of his assassination

Here are seven tweets from politicians, activists, and others sharing his well-known words and opening up about how the civil rights chief inspired them to make a difference.

1. Kamala Harris

2. Jenn Jackson

3. Bernice King

4. HuffPost BlackVoices

5. moms Demand action

6. The Nobel Prize

7. Reese Waters


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